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Hello everyone this is Rek speaking and over my years I have written and edited works none of which I was very proud of, I wish to write here on the discourse to get feedback from you guys and since I know this is a supportive community I feel safe sharing here I hope you enjoy some of my writing bye!

Table of Contents

  1. Fallout Diary (First post)
  2. Revenge in Stratheholm

Dear Diary,

Today was a eventful day the town was attack by bandits a trader tried to posion my people with his food and the brotherhood of steel ISN’T happy with us. But I will go over all this soon but for now I have news, that a vault has opened we sent over some scouts to check it out and have not heard back. First off I shall talk about about the bandit attack at exactly 8:34 A.M. I heard the screams of my people I looked out my window and swore, How had the Bandits got passed our guards??? I would have to talk with them later but for now I had to protect my people. I grabbed my Rifle and a few boxes of ammo opened the window and screamed “HEY BANDITS WANT SOME GOODS THEN COME HERE” and shot one clear in the head. I suppose I haven’t lost my touch. There were 4 left I pick another one off but now 3 remain and they are shooting at my window furiously I get down for cover. I hear some more gun fire then silence, I get up off the floor and theres my general with a few guards, why weren’t they there before??? I had to question them, I run down to the ground floor and say “Why did you even LET them in?” the general grunts and says I’m a heavy sleeper""WHAT?!"I reply “you mean to say you can’t hear people screaming? Or gunfire?” “Well” said the general nervously "I had to grab my gun!"Sigh "Fine then you are dismissed I will whip you into shape later. “Bandits” I mutter under my breath Curse them. After that things only got worse, we were running out of rations our crops wouldn’t grow for another month or so, We were hungry and willing to take risks a trader came by promising low cost food. We let him in, he said 35 days worth of rations for a box of rifle ammo I quickly accepted i should’ve known it was a trick as soon as some of my settlers bit in they fell to the floor. "What? Whats is this???"I asked the trader he replied, “A warning” then he said something about freedom and blew himself up killing a person. I had enough bad luck in one day I let loose I hit a training dummy with a baseball bat until it broke, I realized this will solve nothing so I decided to try to solve the food problem. We had one good option, the brotherhood of steel.
So I went, with 2 guards. Nothing stopped us while we were travelings we reached the farmliar looking walls of the citadel or as some now it “The Pentagon” I started to wonder " I already owe them a favor, will they give me another one? Or will they question me?"well hoping is better than having no hope at all so I yelled “it’s me! Stoney from Stonehearthia? Remember me?” "Have you come to re pay your debt?“asked a guard who was wearing flashy power armor and had the looks of a master soldier. “If only MY soldiers were like this I wouldn’t have to beg the brotherhood for help” “No but I have come with a deal” “Too bad” the guard replied you don’t come in until you have a thing to pay us with”“Well I do!” I say "See this vial?“I say showing them my mothers perfume bottle “Yes” he replies “Well the liquid in it is mutated to cur ANY illness this will be my payment” “We will let you in the scientist will look at it” the gates open and me and my guards walk in. We continue down the stairs into the main hall, he is waiting. The leader of the brotherhood recently appointed they call him Tom or “The creator” no one knows why though… Anyways the scientist said immediately it was false! How could he know? From just looking??? “My guards will see you out stoney” said Tom “Wait” a whisper " I need food and badly I will never beg from you again if you do this for me!” “Well too bad then” he says as he tosses me out the door “You are NOT welcome here we are enemies now…” Things aren’t looking good but, at least I still have my mothers bottle… it means so much to me…


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paragraphs my good man… paragraphs if you would be so kind! :smile:


I will my good friend steve just get caught up sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry it has been awhile starting school got me busy! But a little story for today.

The cold wind swept over the harsh mountains of what I once called “home.” Mountains reaching beyond the clouds and beyond the hevens it seems. Every new recruit must climb the tallest mountain “Mt. Boulgear” to prove themselves but, if you are born here then you may stay here without climbing, but many do to prove there strength to friends and bring honor to there family. But I ran away at the age of 11. I lived in the capatil city of Stratheholm in the heart of the main mountain with celings as high as the mountains themselves. Lava pouring from the roof in to a giant pool and forging like you have never seen before… just masterful.

If you are wondering why I ran away it is well, complicated. it was many things that happened all at once. Drunks maimed my family… and decided to destroy the house I escaped. After that a pickpocket decides to take the gold in my pocket but, why are they wearing the royal seal? Next they burn my home. Where are the guards? Then one try’s to grab me but I run. After that I realized they WERE the kings men they weren’t drunks or pickpockets they wanted me and my family dead, but why? We never commited any hideous crimes. I have come back after years of training to find out why I figure I will not be welcome at the gates. But today


To be continued! Feedback as always is welcome thanks!

(Part two of last weeks story)

  But in his new homeland something terrible was happening. A darkspear boat was arriving off the coast of the Isles of Wandering. The darkspear and the Zandalria had recently created a pact, they had been in war for millions of years but after the death of the Darkspears king they decided to make peace, at least for awhile. But this darkspear ship wasn't seaking a dimplomat, but war. It fired cannons and arrows and they were yellling about "not deserveing this pact!" thankfully a new troop recruitment was happeing on the isles and they fended them off. But with much blood being shed "A waste of good men" Zandalira commander Sen'Jin said "We must report this to the warcheif he must know about the breaking of our pact." 
      But the warcheif was in no mood for chat, he too had been attacked by wind riders bombing his city. "Why do they break our most gracious pact? WE COULD HAVE CRUSHED THEM WHEN THERE KING DIED!!! Yet they forsake this hope that we gave them....  but war, war never changes..." "Sir" Sen'Jin said quickly "What if this is a well... Misunderstanding perhaps we should invite a diplomat" "Who will end up posioning my city, no NEVER they backstab like fools we still have the power to crush them, yet they neglect that" "Send a force to there Embassy at once.... burn it own" "Yes... Yes sir Gamon" Sen'jin walked out of the warcheifs hall a little shaken. Such swift action. He walked through the dusty streets of the powerful capital of the Zandilaria they call it "Orgrimarr"

(To be continued agian also don’t know what happened with font :stuck_out_tongue:)

It’s been a really long time guys, I completely forgot about stonehearth for awhile but I’m back and realized I had a writing place I’ve learned some stuff in English class so, here is a story. I decided to continue the fallout diary

Dear Diary,
I haven’t entered an entry in awhile I’ve been too busy with the well, town if you can call it that anymore. My town used to have 50 feet of farming land and a few houses made out of brick, with pretty nice conditions. My house was a larger one the basement was also the base of operations for our small defense unit. A few days after the brotherhood encounter in my last entry they all came men in power armor glinting off the sun, gattling down what defenses we had, killing a few farmers as well. There general called up to me “Come on out, rat or well force you out!” I had to think quick so what I did was snuck down to the basement and got a few grenades, say 5. The basement was empty just a few tables and chairs with a few guns and some ammo. I went upstairs and heard them yelling “You have 1 minute to surrender before we blow you to hell” I threw a grenade out the window, then another, and another until they were all gone. A few were smoke some explosive and 1 flash, I ran upstairs to gather my belongings and got the hell out I had ran quite a distance when I heard a boom, and I saw pieces of concrete and metal beams flying “Gods…” I stood there in awe. They were blowing up everything I worked so hard to create and I was angry.
(To Be Continued)

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