Writer’s Workshop Discussion. Cycle 4, Week 2

If you want to submit your stories then please head on over here.

This thread is for the discussion of everything related to this weeks theme and submitted stories. Be it a critique, suggestion, or just general chat about your favorite submission.

Also feel free to post other stories you were thinking of submitting or other ideas you had around this weeks theme. If you have new ideas for competition themes, you can submit those right here.

I’m curious what came into other people’s heads when they read ‘The Burning’…something kind of Salem Witch Trials-y?

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with the cycles steam-punk theme, this would go quite nicely… :+1:

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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand done.

nice use of a wombat!

bet you never thought you would receive praise like that, eh? :smile:

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hehe :smile_cat: no I did not

So no one could think of anything?

you mean as far as a critique of your writing, or what vibe they get from the theme? :smiley:

The vibe of the theme not fitting with what most people wrote.

well, congratulations to @naturalnuke and @Atralane for winning this weeks competition… it was a heated battle! :smile:

week 3’s competition will be open soon… :+1: