Workers Freezing One By One

I get this bug completely randomly. Basically one of my workers, a completely random one, will just freeze and be unable to go about their duties. When I put the town on defence however they will reactivate to defend the town, and I can directly move them from parties. However when they go back to work, they instantly freeze. They will remain frozen until they die of starvation. Once one Hearthling has died, the freezing will transfer to a different random Hearthling and kill them etc etc.

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Are they carrying something when the freezing happens?
Are they touching some object (a fence, a chair/table,etc) when the freezing happens?

I think some users reported a similar issue, the hearthlings eventually died and you could do nothing to avoid it.

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I seem to have come across a similar problem pertaining to my Workers and Villagers. Only, they freeze while working on something. I thought it wasn’t too much of a problem and decided to move them using the party system. They went back to work by placing 2 blocks and freezing again. I put them all on town defense and they responded to that, yet now while they’re off town defense they’re completely Idle. I gave them different jobs and its like they never received one and I’ve gotten the same Engine Error for a while:

could you guys check if its actually this bug,

check the citizens list, and see if the person who is frozen is the one who appears first on the list.

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The specific one that stood still forever with no response was number 5 on the list. The other villagers stayed idle as well though. Like the whole town was possessed.

were they idle, or frozen?

One stayed frozen, The rest stayed Idle until I paused the game and unpaused. They’d move for a little bit, but then go back to Idle.

are you playing 10.5 or 11 unstable?

11 unstable. Sorry I should’ve mentioned it before

[quote=“1800savealife, post:10, topic:14916”]
11 unstable
[/quote]are you still experiancing this on the newest update? that is, if you have had a chance to update,

nah, thats fine.

an update? oh sweet, I’ll get back to you if it happens again or if it doesn’t.