Will we be able to demote citizens?


I would rather say that this would be realistic.
I’m working as an IT guy, but I could drop my job anytime and start learning something I’m intrested in at any time.

I wont lose my IT Skills Suddenly all at once and I will never lose them all.
BUT I will step down in use for IT Tasks, if I’m not keeping my skills ongoing and sharp with training.

Thats would maybe be another option.

A demoted “Expert” will learn a new job slower at the beginning, but while he gains mor EXP in his new job, he lose EXP in his old job until a certain point/level.
When he reaches that point he starts to get normal EXP for his new Job.
When he switches back, its the same thing but he starts at a “higher” level than a complete stranger to his old job.

Would balance the field pretty well.

As example why we need some kind of demoting (exept for the 15 Soldier thing :D) my City was joined by three carpenters… why would I need three of them? Maybe later in the game after some (ingame) month/years when the City goes big, but until than a second Farmer, Soldier, Trapper, Worker or something else might be much more of use.


I think that the only way you could add a good method of demoting is if villagers had EXP or some sort of leveling. Say a footman joins your village, that footman will be pretty high in defence and attack and low in everything else. So if you do demote that footman and promote him/her to a different class, they won’t be very skilled in it. However then you’d run into issues like level grinding and things like that. If there isn’t some sort of con to demoting a citizen it would be pretty stupid, because then people would just demote/promote classes whenever it seemed convenient. (I may have just repeated a bunch of responses. If I did I apologize, I’m in a class right now. =D)


Have often wished this myself. It’s not like I need someone in particular, just another body working…strip the footman and make him what I need…farmer, worker, whatever.


hey sense you guys are going to add job levels either have a number of days to the job level of who you’re trying to demote that they can’t gain any job levels or how long it takes for them to demote and say if they are far in the job tree they can only go back to previous job so if you want a blacksmith to become a footman they first have to become a worker again

regardless there has to be some kind of penalty and to me time is the best penalty

next add a job level required to be promoted to another job and add craftables you can make to train a citizen to improve their job level this way you can decrease the time it takes to demote a citizen by training him in the field but the job experiance he gains goes into how long it takes for him to be demoted


An interesting take on the penalty, not sure where I stand but my initial instincts are that having a time cooldown on job change wouldn’t really drive the penalty home - especially if it’s not of importance to change the job quickly then the player would just be like “oh well I’ll just change job in 2 days time”.

I think some sort of experience/ material cost would probably be best, at least from my game development armchair. That way it’s up to you if you really wanna change the job of a unit, but it will cost you and potentially set you back a bit.


I actually really like this. +1 From Silas. :smile:


maybe just have the craftables to increase job experiance that they can use to decrease their job level first before they can actually become that job still feel that they would have to backtrack through all the jobs it took to become that job but this way you still have to craft the item and still takes time as well so it’s not instantanious


and it looks like @paulsoaresjr just ran into this issue in his latest LP… was attempting to “demote” a footman after a recent skirmish with some pesky goblinz… :smile: