Will the mods be scripted or

WIll there be actual scripting? If so, in what language?

I think it’s in Lua and JSON:
From the Q & A:

  • Can we start modding with the Beta?

“Yes, modding support will be there right from the start of the beta. It’s so baked into the game that honestly it would be hard to turn it off. The fancy editors will be a little immature, but if you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and writing some LUA and JSON, you’ll be able to write mods yourself from day 1.”

  • Are they primarily aesthetic items & stats or is there a scripting component?

There’s definitely scripting. We’re trying to build as many gameplay systems as possible using our own modding tools. Ideally, anything you see in the game you can replicate and put your own twist on using the modding tools. So you can add your own item, give it a cool animation, and make it do something unique with scripts. Want a pair of magic boots that make your worker run 3x as fast? No problem!

I had a [omigodyes]-gasm when you said Lua. now I am excited even more!

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Pure graphical mods are neat but once you have seen them, you have seen them.

Scripts create gameplay features… and are the reason why Egosoft’s X3 is still around after what… 8 years?
(I have created a script or two for X3)

The creativity (or insanity, if you insist) of the S&M crowd does not have practical limits.

It’s only a matter of time until someone creates a SE mod where you control the zombie faction and your only way of increasing your population is to kill and infect (sorry, infect and kill, duh!) perfectly healthy living beings.

That defiantly sounds like something that will have to be done :cool: :ghost: also ill have to go start learning Lua so i can program new stuff.

“Learning LUA” is probably not a big problem.
Picking up the basic syntax of any programming language takes an hour or three.

The difficult bits with modding are usually figuring out the engine limitations, what values and functions are available and how to get at them, what which kind of actor is allowed to do and when, how the terrain is organised/stored…

awesome yea i was gradually learning how to make stuff in Second Life i mean it’s been forever since i have but i would like to make a few thing.s should they not be included. but im currently looking at places for LUA

It’s Lua not LUA. You pronounce it like loo-uh not L U A.


i am well aware of that weather i capitalize the letters or not does not determine how i pronounce it ( i was actually getting into Forth a while back and i have done a small amount of script writing in second life ).

I’m not being a grammar Nazi, I’m just saying. also it was meant more toward Gazz.

@Aaron well that’s fine but you should be more specific on who you are talking to by using the " @ " function like im using ouo and im not having a go at you or anything just sayin you know? how you spell a 3 letter word should not realy play into how you think they are pronouncing it if you see what i mean?

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I have been using it for scripting but I don’t think I even have pronounced LUA… ever.
But when the problem arises I’ll know who to ask about how to do it. Many thanks!

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