Why are the Hearthlings so stupid?

I wanted to remove some blocks but they dont do it till i place a stupid ladder. After that they remove one block and wont contiune because the next block is to far away and they need a ladder. Why dont they place the ladders without me ?!?.




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Agreed, this gets pretty frustrating sometimes. I have had more than one occasion where I have had floating bricks in space which I had to create a ladder up to every individual brick because the hearthlings would always start mining on the first brick they could touch… and of course not be able to reach the next one.

You know, a simple-ish solution which would help (but not solve the underlying issue) would be to let hearthlings mine blocks which are one brick away from them. That way they would at least be able to get more bricks from each ladder - and hopefully would mean less issues like this cropping up in the first place.

im - instant mine console command :smiley:

i stop playing stonehearth till release. they are not even building a house…