Website page about game name and legal rights

Every stream someone appears on chat and start talking about Hearthstone and how Raidant will get sued by the name of the game, and all people that knows the answer start a long discussion about how stonehearth came first.

The idea is to make a simple page on the site stating when the game was named, some image dating before hearthstone announcement and any legal rights Radiant have over the name Stonehearth.


I agree! Uuhg its getting a bit annoying, but that how people are. Oh clone this clone that, its copying this, it stole that’s whatever. Don’t people realize that everything nowadays comes from something else, not everything is a copy. Haha sorry for the rant, uuhg so frustrating


It’s easier to install on the Twitch machine.

Every time someone uses Hearthstone, or hearthstone in a sentence, the sentence is deleted and the bot kindly informs the user that ’ The Stonehearth copyright was registered prior to Hearthstone’s announcement. If you wish to discuss hearthstone there are plenty of channels streaming it. Thanks for stopping by!"

95% of the time they are trolling anyway. Interweb Lawyers for the win!!11one.


Didin’t know that is possible to do so much with it

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With the new message system on twitch this could be something that chat moderators could do as well.

Any ideas @sdee, @Tom?


heh, that’s a good one.

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