Want to learn Markdown (how to format your posts)?

Hey guys. So the devs over at Discourse.org are working to create a interactive tutorial on how to use Markdown. Markdown is the system Discourse uses to format the posts, it is how you can do things like

  • lists

single lines of code

large blocks
of code

and more! If you want to learn a bit more about how markdown works, in a quick, ~10 minute tutorial, check it out over at Markdown Reference. As this tutorial is brand new, if you have any feedback feel free to pop over to their discourse with your feedback.
Feedback on our interactive Markdown tutorial - meta - Discourse Meta


That’s an excellent tutorial ! Maybe you should warn about spaces between " or > for instance because a few times I was right but only one space pushed me far from the correct answer. :grinning:

This is wicked helpful, thank you!

This thread on a nother discourse forum i am on have a few more commands:

While that is a good list, I would caution everyone from being too invested in BB codes/HTML, as that is pretty site specific. Discourse by default blocks a good portion of HTML code to help keep posts clean, and sites can configure it to block more/less as they please. I have no idea what the devs have set here, and Discourse is working right now to move over to a new Markdown system, so I would just say β€œbe careful.”

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I will emediatly go warn people on the other discourse :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, if the admins on that site have enabled the BB codes and HTML mentioned in that post then there is no need for concern (on that site). My comment was simply cautioning that HTML is not guaranteed to work on every Discourse site.