Was anyone aware we have hotkeys?

So I discovered this completely by accident but apparently the discourse has keyboard shortcuts. I figured it was interesting enough to mention, you bring up the help by hitting ? (SHIFT+/ probably) it seems. I was completely unaware previously, quite a surprise.

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Nice, but now I"ll have to memorize all these

ooooh… what else can we do?

(stuck on my phone)


Jump To
g then h Home (Latest)
g then l Latest
g then n New
g then u Unread
g then f Starred
g then c Categories
u Back
k/j Move selection up/down
o or Enter Open selected topic
`/~ Next/previous section
c Create a new topic
n Open notifications
/ Search
? Open keyboard shortcuts help
f Star topic
s Share topic
shift s Share post
r Reply to topic
shift r Reply to post
l Like post
! Flag post
b Bookmark post
e Edit post
d Delete post
m then m Mark topic as muted
m then r Mark topic as regular
m then t Mark topic as tracking
m then w Mark topic as watching

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thanks @Ghost! I :heartpulse: the Discourse…

nice find. How does actions actually work? You need to click/hoover or something to like with l?

What do you mean?

The Keyboard shortcuts? You just tap the keys and the respective action happens.

these dont work for me when I tap them

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e Edit post
d Delete post

Oh yer … how odd.

Not sure then!

Sorry about that, they are working now :slight_smile: also j and k are super awesome in general, try it out