Wait for Event Campaign Node Question

Is it possible to have a wait_for_event node listen to an event triggered by radiant.events.listen? If so, what’s the proper syntax for this in the json file?

I think this is a question for @sdee @yshan

Hi @Wharp,
The wait for event encounter takes a context source and an event name.
What event are you waiting for? That will help determine what source to listen for.

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Any armor break event, which is called by the Durability component on that armor.

Ah I see, you are adding a durability component.
You could trigger that event on the entity that has equipped that armor.
Are you listening to when a boss’s armor has been broken?

Your wait for event’s json will look like:
“wait_for_event_info” : {
“source” : “camp.entities.boss”,
“event” : “stonehearth:equipment:armor_broken”

(replace camp.entities.boss with whatever you’ve registered your entity under)
Let me know if this isn’t what you need.

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I want to listen for whenever any armor breaks, not a specific one. Thats why I don’t have one registered entity.