Anyone figured out how to trigger a campaign event from a job promotion?

Or if it’s possible yet?

I remember one stream where yang was coding unlockable templates based on jobs in use (unlock carpenter house only if you have a carpenter). Not sure if it in-game now, it would be a good place to search.

I don’t believe it is yet, I’ll have to double check, but that involved js and Lua changes. She said there is going to be a campaign unlocked when you get a level 6 farmer to get crops from other biomes, but that hasn’t been released yet either.

My guess would be you declare it here:

"wait_for_event_info": {
   "source": "pack_of_alligators.alligators",
   "event": "radiant:entity:pre_destroy"

and the event would be “stonehearth:level_up”. If that is the case, I don’t know what the other parameters are to say which job and what level.