Very difficult to increment max citizens by 1 in settings

It is very difficult to increment the max number of citizens under settings/gameplay by 1 using the slider. I do not know why – it seems to want to jump 2 citizens.

For example, I started out at 20 by default and had no trouble sliding it up to about 23 or so. I was not particular the first time. I just wanted a few more people, didn’t want overkill though. So I nudged it randomly.

Then I only wanted 1 person. I just couldn’t get it to go from 23 to 24 for the life of me. So I settled on 25. I tried lowering it then raising it, I tried all different ways to to increment it – it was just too hard to increment it by 1.

Again when I went from 25 to … 26? This time I was able to get it to 26, instead of 27, though it was difficult. I had to lower it and then raise it. It was very jumpy, kept hopping to 28 instead of 27.

I do not know why it is so sensitive. I did not go into my mouse settings to try to see if changing that would help; partly because I didn’t think of it at the time and now that I think of it, well I never would. Shouldn’t have to and too lazy and I’d probably just settle for one more or less than what I was aiming for … but what I think would be an ideal solution would be to use a -/+ on the far left and right of the bar to increment and decrement by 1 in addition to having the slider. That way people who do want to move it up or down a large amount at once can do so, but then any fine tuning can be done. I really don’t know why I’m having so much trouble with that part of the interface.


There are several ways Radiant can improve this:

  1. Add “increase” and “decrease” buttons on the sides of the slider. These will change the value 1 point every time you press them.
  2. Decrease sensitivity of the slider.
  3. Add the direct numerical input.
  4. Make the slider respond to keyboard [Left] and [Right] keys when you select it.

Thump up for MelOzone suggestions.

I had my problems too but after trying it out and chaning it, the slider is nor problem at all anymore :smiley:
Yeah it should be changed but you can customize yourself too it since it is just different from the usually.

Thanks for writing these out so clearly :slight_smile: Any of these would work. I really spent far too long trying to get it down to a single digit change the last time and I wouldn’t consider myself an ‘expert’ at it yet. Ha. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t remove the slider, as an option. I know from my own days of ux work it’s better to provide mutliple means of accomplishing a task if possible and i wouldn’t want to single click my way from 20 to 35. The slider is great, for whatever reason it’s just too jumpy for me.