UX Ambiguity with Piles

Edit: After talking it through in the comments, piles appear to be functional after all, but there are no UI guides or functions that train the player how they work (and you can’t filter them).

My opinion: Having to manually place and re-harvest piles makes them too clunky to be valuable to me. As a player, I’m not likely to use the current pile system at all (which is sad because I want to) unless forced to do so to resolve the inventory cap, but I’ve found the default cap to be quite reasonable, so that’s not much of a motivator either.

Original Summary:
The new resource piles cannot be broken up once created.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Gather exactly 18 raw materials of a type that can be made into a pile
  2. Instruct the relevant crafter to create a pile
  3. Attempt to craft an item that requires one of those 18 raw materials
  4. Observe the item not be built, because the game does not perceive the availability of the raw material.
  5. Place the pile in the world.
  6. Observe that the game still does not perceive the availability of the raw material.
  7. Look to see if any option exists to manually instruct Hearthlings to break up the pile and discover there is no such option.

Expected Results:
Placed or unplaced, piles should considered 18x raw material, and not a pile on its own, such that they do not necessarily need to placed on the ground to be used. Placing them in the world should still be possible, for added aesthetic effect.

Actual Results:
Once a pile, always a pile.

  • Bonus Bug #1: Piles also can’t be moved or unplaced once placed in the world.
  • Bonus Bug #2: Piles appear to be in a category called “Storage” which cannot be filtered, so undeployed piles are not cleaned up by hearthlings when filtered stockpiles and other containers are the only storage options available.


Save game: megashub-1457831662002.zip (6.3 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
A15 D2881 x64

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Hey @yshan, might this problem be what’s also causing Bonus Bug #2 here?

Hi @megashub
harvest the wood piles using the gather tool in the gather menu.


Thanks, Yang. I’ll try that. To be honest, I don’t think I would have ever considered trying to re-harvest them. Can this post be considered my request to improve the UX around piles to avoid this confusion?