I’m not exactly sure what is going on here, but I reinstalled the game in order to fix the problem, however it just popped back up. Anybody think they can help? QnQ

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Go into your game folder and delete the file user_settings.json. The game will create a new one once you start it.

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What caused that to happen in the first place? Also thank you! :smiley:

Hi, Sorry to Necro :merry:

I just encountered this bug.

Went over to a frens in order to show him. Installed it on his PC on my account no probs. Came back to my PC next day and StoneHearth was uninstalled. Installing then led to this error.

Dropbox link to the corrupted file below.

Deleting the file has resolved the issue.

this is happening to me to

Did it occur the first time you installed Stonehearth? Or had you uninstalled and then re-installed the game?