Unobtainable drops on top of fence

When a drop is spawned on top of a fence (in this case, spawned after elemenating an enemy base), it (almost) cannot get picked up.

Steps to reproduce:
I am not quite sure how it happened, but i have a strong feeling that this is what caused it:

  1. Have a small goblin outpost, right beside a fence
  2. Elemenate it and hope that a drop spawns on top of fence


When the item is here, you cannot order hearthlings to pick it up. Not with the “Loot item” button when the item is selected (Its not even there - See picture, bottom left), nor with the “loot” function from the “Fight & Defend” menu.

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 14 (not test) - release 504 (x64) - no mods

This can easily be fixed by moving/removeing the fence. The item will fall to the ground and the “loot” tool can then reach it. And yes, i do have storage space. Everyting around the oak log seen on the picture was picked up.

Possible solution:
Make it impossibe for drops to spawn on fences.