Unintended story ideas Part one: Ascendancy

I have thought about the Lore of this game, and came across a question. Why is the one being spoken of by the promotion quest giver (I forgot the name) Speak of the princess as apposed to the king or queen? I then thought of solutions, two in particular.

  • The Ascendancy is controlled by a particularly strange governmental system where the heir to the matriarch is given powers over town status and laws that apply according to such

This is probably the most likely out of the two because it fits the game more than the other one

  • The princess took control from her family to protect the civilians in some form of revolution

If you have any story answers to the question, I would like to hear them!

It’s not unusual for a state to have a crown prince rather than a king, such as Monaco. So why can’t a princess be in charge?

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didn’t think of that