Trapper placing traps in a storage area? R-450

I have no idea what just happened, but I came back after like an hour of afking, and my trapper has caught an animal inside of a stockpile… Lol

the poor poor foxy :frowning:
Also, it only seems to be taking up one spot in the stockpile, but meh thats still weirrrdddd
I know the trappers are supposed to sometimes befriend an animal as well - but I think this is very inhumane! its gonna starve to death in there :frowning:


No it won’t–there’s clearly some jerky nearby it can yank in between the cage bars!

Or that basket of carrots. Sure, foxes ear carrots.


its corn that has ears not carrots :wink:


I was browsing my town inventory when I noticed a heading “items_categories_none” with what I thought was a companion cube at first glance…tool tip told me it’s a snare trap. Screen cap to follow. Currently moving a lot of my stockpiles around and placing/categorizing large crates, if that helps.

Note: I was most disappointed at not receiving a companion cube. So lonely. There probably won’t even be cake…

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Something that happened a while ago and didn’t think too much of it, but I suppose I should report it.

If you look to the right of the inventory near the crates you can see a snare trap, that has been there for a while. The trapper randomly placed it and it can’t be removed. It also shows up as a companion cube in the inventory.

Now I’ve seen that there is another thread with this that was reported in 2521 and 2395 but I suppose it doesn’t hurt to let people know it’s still going on in 450 as well. Geez, though, I’m on a roll with these bugs today… :unamused: Sorry!

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mind linking it for me so i ca merge?

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thanks :smile:

all merged and tagged correctly now.