Trading : More control via class?

The latest update had me thinking about how our settlements are currently, for the most part, at the mercy of random events in order to get new citizens. One of the ideas presented was getting new citizens as a reward for town exp, but that idea is already being reworked/abandoned, so what else could we do?

I’d like to see the ability to seek out trade opportunities, instead of just waiting for them. A trader job class could allow players to seek out new citizens, trade away things they actually want to part with, and secure a new source of resources. I imagine it could work something like this:

When you promote a worker to a trader you need to put down a trading post. The trading post has 3 or 4 places available for you to select surplus items you want to part with, and 1 or 2 spaces available for items you want. Surplus items would most likely need to be luxury items, like soft beds/chairs, and there would need to be at least 1 copy in your stockpiles before you could trade it away. Wanted items could be almost anything, from resources to uncraftable items. There would also be an option to hire/recruit new citizens, but this option would have to be limited somehow (happiness? wealth?)

Once you select these options your trader walks off the end of the map and after a few minutes the trader will return to present you with the deal they found.

Prices should probably be fairly set, and returns fairly low. If you trade luxury good that required 3 resources to build, you could get 3-4 resources out. This exchange rate might not seem like a great deal, but it would allow you to trade renewable resources for non-renewable resources. Leveling your trader or upgrading their class would get you slightly better deals, but only barely.

This low exchange rate would keep the random caravan events relevant. Caravans would offer high profit deals, but have set requirements like they do now.

Sorry if this has been suggested before, I didn’t find anything in a search. Anyone have thoughts?

There’s a post fairly early in the Dev Blog thread from one of the Devs about town exp :

"Thanks for the healthy discussion. As always we appreciate the feedback.

We’re going to nuke the idea of town exp. The town quests will stick around, but they will fill the following roles in the game

Tutorials and hints about features in the game, like the “collect 20 wood” quest.
Optional challenges, like the trader scenario today who offers you x crafted goods in exchange for crafting y of a random item.
The town quests will not be directly tied to your town’s power level or progression.


If/When/How town exp is implemented really doesn’t influence the idea I brought up here either way. If you’re interested in discussing the town exp I suggest doing it here: