Too many ladders being built in a strange formation during building construction

Summary: I tried to build a house with a small hole in the second floor so that I could build a ladder through it (because blocky stairs didn’t work out), and my citizens went to work, but I think they were a bit too enthusiastic, because they built way too many stairs to reach the upper floor during construction. (Probably because there were a lot of edge faces there.)

Steps to reproduce: Build a house with two floors and a hole in the upper floor.


Versions and mods:
No mods; latest release version in Steam at the time of writing, version 0.1.0 (release 375), according to the title screen.

System information:
DxDiag 2015-06-07.txt (66.6 KB)

I’m pretty sure that’s a case of too many corners too close together. From what I’ve seen, they’ll build a ladder on every corner of a wall or floor. So if you make a tiny 2x2 hole, you’re going to get a bunch of ladders all together.

Right, that makes sense. But I think it would be good if they were a bit smarter about that. At which point I guess this is more suggestioney.