The StoneHearth Dwarf Fortress Succession Game!

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Right, so, Lets get this thing rolling! PM me if you want to play, I will set up an order, and we’ll start this friday!

One year = one turn, from spring of one year to spring of the next. Once you see the cheery green “Spring has arrived!” text, save it, zip it, and get it to the next player. Upload it to or something similar, and post the link to your savegame so the next person can get it and begin. Feel free to break your turn up into a bunch of posts, but let’s try and keep it moving along.

Once it’s your turn, you get a week from the time that the link is posted to take your turn. If you start but can’t finish, your successor has the option to pick up where you left off and play out the rest of your turn and their. If you don’t start, then the old savegame just goes to the next player. If you trash the fort to total – and I mean TOTAL – unplayability (e.g. magma flood oh god), we’ll revert to an old save, but overcoming setbacks is half the fun, so hopefully we won’t have to do this.

Pretty much anything goes except for the following: 1) using huge bridge hallways to kill demons/seiging armies, and 2) things that make later turns totally unplayable such as flooding the world, mining adamantine, or removing bridges in creative ways so that the pathing eats it and the bridges can’t be reconstructed and the fortress descends into an orgy of violence and starvation. (These may or may not have been copied from BoatMurdered :wink:)

I would reccommend practicing Dwarf Fortress mode A lot. Master it. Consider it your new career.
@Swift_Cube @Newf @naturalnuke @Teleros @thorbjorn42gbf

Soon after we get the order worked out,. I will set up a thread for those who want to be Dorf’d

The Queue!

1st: Newf
2nd: Swift_Cube
3rd: Unfilled
4th-Xth Unfilled.

The Map Specs!

World Size- Medium

History- Short

Number of Civilizations- Small

Number of Sites- Medium

Number of Beasts- High

Natural Savagery- High

Mineral Occurrence- Everywhere

A few more things about posting etiquette:

Do post in character! Have Journal Logs, or make it a tale told to other dwarves bout the time you ran StoneHearth (The prospective name)

Do comment on the happenings going on! Involvement improves the experience!

Dont ask to be put in as a Dorf, once the Queue is established, a thread for naming the Dorfs will be set up

Dont post things that are obvious “What game is this?” or “Lulz!!1” Will lead me to find you and slap you in front of your friends and/or family.


Awesome! Good luck Newf, and don’t kill Stonehearth too soon :wink:! I might step in ~Saturday, but until then, beware of the carp!

BTW, what are the map specs? (Long History, Lots of Mineral Occurrence, etc. etc.)

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Unfortunately, without more players, we’re probably gonna push this back a bit later. I know some of you have stuff that just make it too hard if not impossible to be devoting your time to a soon to be epic tale. If you want to be a part of this game, but find yourself far too occupied at the moment, do post when you might be able to pick up the responsibility of running the fortress.

I know this topic is really old, but is there any chance of this starting up again?

Been considering it, but I’d need to relearn how to play. Is there any interest in it?

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I would definitely be willing to give it a try.

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Alrighty then!


Would you be in for a dwarf fortress succession game?

(call anyone else who might be interested too)

Don’t think I’ll be able to take part. Between everything else I’ve got going on… yeah :frowning: .

I am in the same boat as @Teleros

this sounds awesome but never gotten a chance to REALLY play DF pnly scratched it a little got confused with not knowing what to do type deals

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