The "help me find my new avatar" Thread!

Hello! and Welcome!

This thread came to me as an idea after I was looking for a different avatar!
Alot of people have been connecting me with Mario (DUH!) and I thought, let’s find a different one!
But here is ‘ze’ problem! I haven’t got a clue!

So my question is: Help me find a nice avatar that matches my username ‘Ghost’!

Ofcourse, this thread can be used for anything avatar related! You can ask for someone to make a cubible model for your avatar or anything alike!

(P.s. if the mods think we should forge this with the gravatar thread and rename that one. I’m fine with that)

a quick scan showed that those threads were closed… and as this is just a request for folks to suggest new avatars, this is OK to stand on its own…

good luck with the search… i’ll miss you most of all, current ghost avatar! :stuck_out_tongue:

Have you tried to model your current avatar in Qubicle already? Might be worth a try to see how it looks as an avatar…

Haven’t really got cubicle skills, I can alter made up models… but from scratch o.o
@SteveAdamo Shh it’s ok, I might nog even change it! Depends on how good the new ones are :smile:

Lego is sorta like Stonehearth, You could use one of their ghosts for the time being or you could go to the unofficial template thread and ask if someone will make a ghost model for you

Ask Froggy! he made mine. :smiley:

Check this one out, it looks interesting!

Le Pic: