That can't be right

Yea i just looked at the roadmap… Its not that good… Its says 90% on engine and tech but they haven’t even gotten to the Mac and Linux thing, I look at the game master and it says: “0%” but when I look at the panel thingy it says that they have completed 3 things! What!

I may be wrong and might have missed something but still… Don’t trust the roadmap!

Hmm yes that seem a bit off O_o

Well, let’s just assume that the figures are somewhat arbitrary :stuck_out_tongue: and are more of an indication of the progress they’ve made! The game master for me says 10% however, not 0%.

Also @Supergamer33 when you create threads would you be able to give them a title that enables people to know the content of the thread without having to go into it, something a bit more descriptive like “Roadmap Percentages”, that’d be great!


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#356 On the internet take everything with a pinch of salt

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Personally think, the engine means implemented basic 3D models, A.I Logics, UserInterface in game.
The OS compatibility is important too, right.
But It is so difficult thing what small devteam implement OS compatibility in alpha version.

I think, Most important thing is no bug ingame logic.

If a game have a lot of bugs, we need not talking about OS compatibility
because we get a stress when playing a game in any OS.

I understood your feelings but game dev is not simple. You know.
Thanks reading.


I’m quoting this, because logic dictates it so…


@SteveAdamo you can close this thread. I got my answer.