Taking Questions about Mixintos and Overrides


Good question. You just found the harvest_overlay I was looking for. :smile:


Yay! :smiley: I’m glad my problems can help someone, lol


When messing around with rp_geoffers_nightmares, I’ve had to deal with those too. I would guess that the answer is “No”. Trying to override ../horde/... isn’t working (which isn’t too surprising). I would say this is outside of the “mods” area and somewhat still in the “engine” portion…

But allowing materials/textures to reside inside mod folders is definitely something that would be nice :smiley:


Drat, fudge and, tartar sauce :cry:

hmm… though, I did just find stonehearth.smod/data/effects/thoughts/sleepy/sleepy.json, which points to horde/material/thoughts/sleepy/sleepy_material.xml, which points to the sleepy.png.

Do you think it would be possible to jerry-rig the json to point to another xml to point to another png? Or will we encounter a similar problem since the png-pointer in the xml file starts in the horde folder?


I do not recommend it. But… yes. You can workaround it. It won’t work anymore, but rp_geoffers_nightmares will give you an idea how it worked with r27 (and probably still does).

The short version is that you can define an xml that is inside mods/ or whereever you want, but I highly expect that this will not work if the directory is .smod’ed. I haven’t tested it (or it was too long ago), but I would say chances are slim.

Nevertheless, you shouldn’t do that. Relative paths that go beyond the top directory are dangerous and will likely be disabled at some point. I would much rather have proper material/texture support for mods than relying on this hack not breaking :wink:


As would I! :smiley:

Perhaps we can bring @sdee’s attention to this inability to change icons for the sleep and hungry thoughts? Maybe? Pretty please? With :candy: on top :smile:


Good it works now.
What was the command for enabling te debugging function again?

"enable_debug_keys" : true,


Regarding modding in the horde folder, @not_owen_wilson once casually threw off “…and then people will be able to swap out the renderer for whatever they want” but that was a.) right after he joined the company and b.) so shockingly awesome that c.) my brain didn’t parse anything he said right afterwards, or think to ask him what the first half of his sentence was.

But still! Paging him in now.


I did a little bit of work on this last week :slight_smile: Still tonnes to do! Eventually we’ll want to deprecate most (all?) of that ‘horde’ directory and move the appropriate rendering code into the mod-level, so that mods will be able to re/define the rendering pipeline themselves (at least, as much as they can via the horde shader/material/pipeline interface).

There are the usual issues to resolve (dealing with conflicting mods, etc.), but this should hopefully behave in a reasonable manner.


Is there a way as of now to add new resources to existing tabs in the stockpile?

My bamboo bundles are “bamboo_resource” in their json file so they use use them for crafting bamboo furniture but I realized now it doesn’t fit into any of the stockpile categories and my workers get confused if you start editing the stockpile permissions. . . :frowning: I haven’t found a way yet to add them to the Resources: Wood category yet…

Any ideas?


Try tagging them as "bamboo_resource wood"?


Yes, the resources are just tags so adding wood will make them count as wood.


Won’t that make them a substitute for wood in recipes too?
What if we wanted to add our own catagories to the stockpile menu?


For some reason I can’t change the model of a juniper tree with a mixinto. The juniper trees models are unique, unlike the oak ones that have 3 models for each size. But I wanted to change the model and add two more models at the same time. I remember I could do it with old methods (swapping the files directly in the stonehearth.smod).

I checked the syntax of my json files(at first I had some mistakes) but now I don’t know what is wrong. When I launch the game everything is normal, but I notice that there are no trees of that type I tried to change.
This is my mixinto file:

	"components": {
		"unit_info": {
			 "name": "my tree", 
			 "description": "description."
		"model_variants": [
			"models": [
				  "items": [

The manifest file:

"info" : {
      "name" : "Candyland2"

   "mixintos" : {
      "stonehearth:berry_bush" : [
	  "stonehearth:medium_juniper_tree" : [
   "overrides" : {
	  "stonehearth/renderers/terrain/terrain_renderer.json" : "candyland2/terrain_renderer.json"

Maybe I could do it with one override+one mixinto… Any help?


Remember that mixintos are additive. Therefore, you merely add your own trees. To verify that your mixinto is working, check the log file and the name/description in the game.

That being said, the issue is that it likely isn’t compatible-ish.

"model_variants": [
      "models": [
            "type": "one_of",
            "items": [

Since you can’t add or overwrite that first element in the array ( model_variants.models) with a mixinto, the only way to change that would be an override.

I’m not sure what happens when you add another, unnamed model variant… I suppose it’s ignored? It’s tried to spawn nonetheless (I think villagers work along those lines)? Something like that.


Mm… The thing is, I used a mixinto to change the berry bush. And it worked like a charm.
I guess I’ll use an override, then…
EDIT: the log says invalid file path o_0
I’ll check again… it has to be syntax.


Well, there you go. :wink: You could always use Jefferson to see where your path actually points towards to.


jofferson doesn’t notice my mixintos :frowning:


That’s…weird. Did you check the errors? Can you zip up the (faulty) thing?