Survey Says: Hearthling Ideal Class Stats Are

Hey All,

Thank you to all of you that helped out with the Hearthling Ideal Classes Survey I ran. I have put together a 3D graph showing where each class falls based on the communities class stats recommendations. It’s not the easiest chart to understand, but I didn’t know that putting together a XYZ Graph was almost impossible.

Secondly, I have put together an Excel Doc that will recommend the top 3 classes based on what states you enter in. To calculate this, I used the distance between the classes based on their stats and the top 3 become your recommended classes. The first tab is all you need, but I have also included 3 charts that will plot the entered stats next to the collected stats for each class. Please use this LINK to download it. (This is a Dropbox link and the Excel has no Macros)


If you want to give a 3D graph like that a sense of space, one trick is to draw a line from each point to the nearest plane. For instance, the Mason is closest to the XY plane, so it should have a thin line coming from it to it’s position in the XY plane.

You could enhance that even further by drawing thin grid lines (in a different colour) across each plane. This would make it very easy to see at a glance the two most significant values for any given profession.

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