Suggestions Tools

Hey, I see this plattform is really great for discussion, but to decide which suggestions are liked from many people and which suggestions are approved from devs or not, then I guess discourse is maybe not the right thing for it. I would recommend google moderator. KAG is using this.


  • People can vote their likeness about the suggestion.
  • They can discussion in it
  • Devs can fast see the different suggestions
    and decide if they agree with them or not.


  • You can’t edit a posted suggestion and only a new posted one, would
    make an easier approve, but that gives also integration to the votes.

yours, Yourtime

hi @Yourtime discourse is the type of forum that operates based on “bubbling up” the most relevant and “hot” topics… and within each post, users are free to “like” posts (the little heart icon on the bottom right), etc.

i dont know for sure, but i imagine those likes lend weight to how “hot” a topic is…

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