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Exactly I want the wiki to be detailed information but right now I’m more focused on getting the main pages created and then as we/I complete sections go over them again for any missing information or have someone else check over them but either way the information will be there lol

As for the edit you made while typing this post; A proper modding section would only be able to be made when the game is in a state where no huge changes are made that cause mods to break like as I recall a recent update?

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lol. yeah. I am not so sure how useful the extracted game data is (vs the efforts) now either, so I think we should kiv that. after all, the goal is to “revive” the wiki, so I think it is still healthier to consider options then reject those which are unsuitable, than not trying at all.

On a separate issue, there might be some (old-school) template work which I can add, if you are interested, to possibly make it easier for writers to do certain stuff . It will mostly be invisible and non-destructive to the existing content. Most of it will be just transplanting/modifying stuff from either my previous work or public templates though.


  • show dynamically transcluded icons/link/etc to page without knowing file url. (interestingly, the table on the following page contains both “static” information, which is manually entered, and dynamically transcluded information which is defined on the individual entity pages)
    Editing Equipment (section) | The Sims Medieval Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

  • defining and showing recipes (with auto link to ingredients) as well as easily showing the recipe anywhere.
    Embossed Longsword/recipe | The Sims Medieval Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

  • infobox variants which uses transcluded information (instead of having to put in the contents manually)
    {{infobox item|{{Farmer's Hoe}}}}

    which can be made to display exactly the same thing as say

    {{Infobox | name = Farmer's Hoe | image = Farmer_hoe.png | type = [[Tools]] | job = [[Farmer]] | craftable = Yes | damage = +4 | description = Used to till fields }}

    ^May not matter much if there is just one infobox for the item in the whole wiki, but will probably be helpful if more than one page in the wiki actually displays the same infobox.


Won’t do anything until there is general agreement though: we want to move things forward, not go into deadlocks. And sometimes, it is better (e.g. for me) to not do anything :wink:
(the only thing I changed in the wiki atm are all under a Sandbox I created in the user profile namespace. i.e. can be easily cleaned up any time).


@sphr If you can create a design for the infoboxes so it looks nicer that would be fine but the tags I would like to stay the same because the infobox will be used for all content that is items; An example on what I mean design is like this image from the Gamepedia wiki (I dont know how well it will show in the cropped image)

Just some way we can have a custom look for it; I would like the format to stay the same. In the picture the “infobox example” has a box around it along with the tags for the “Details” while the entries for the tags are transparent


sorry for being absent… had a throat inflammation :frowning:

What do you mean by the “tags”?
I intended no change in the visible content. just “refactoring”.
The current plan just involves moving some values from ‘plain text’ to being an embedded value on the same page (which can be edited on the same page, just in a different section that is sort of like variable definition which I think is manageable for the next person who wants to change it.

for this wikia page, the top of the source code looks like this:

|name=Crude Plate Mail
|caption=Crude Plate Mail - male
|desc=Offering adequate protection, it was crafted with extremely heavy and low-quality Cruddium. All but the strongest of warriors will become exhausted after wearing it for a short while.
|recipe=Crude Plate Mail/recipe
|notes=Craftable by [[Blacksmith]], Level 1

So to change say the value “defense” of the item the page represents throughout the page (and throughout the wiki actually), we just change the line “defense=4” into “defense={new value}”, instead of the arbitrary location where it used to be.

Visually, everything should remain.

As for info boxes, usually I use 2 tiers to separate the processing from the style.
I usually create a new 2nd tier infobox that uses the first one (i.e. the one you are using exactly now). All it does is to pump the values to display into the first infobox. The style, etc is all controlled by the first one. iow, there is no changes to the current infobox template, and changing it will still affect all display for infoboxes (including the 2nd tier ones)

One suggestion: we could pick one page just for testing to see if the stuff is ok (collaboration wise). if it is not, and cannot be reconciled, we could always revert the changes. I would probably only be “active” until the infrastructure is up and usable though, after which I will just stick to content contribution.

EDIT: PS. I must still restate that I am using “old tech”. If any mediawiki experts knows better ways/extensions introduced in recent years, please “take over”!


I made this post separate to not mix the contents with earlier.

This is an ‘example’ of a mocked up Farmer’s Hoe page.'s_Hoe

original is here's_Hoe

I made the page in a Sandbox so that there is visible change to other pages, but I did have to embed some invisible stuff (only addition, and only invisible) to some other pages to make some template transclusion work. I also had to create another infobox (different name, so as not to change current) as the current one is no longer a general infobox (it cannot show general contents)

Some “features”:

  • ‘stuff’ are ‘linked’. E.g. the Farmer icon in the infobox is actually defined (embedded) on the Farmer’s page. Changing the icon on that page will ‘update’ the icon for entire wiki that uses this style of ‘linking’. Similarly, the icons/data for Log, Carpenter, Carpenter Workshop are all pulled from their respective pages.

  • it is now easy to generate infobox for ‘supported’ items. just
    {{infobox item|ITEMNAME}}
    Note: there is a large image as well as an icon on the infobox. the large image is supposed to be some in game image (e.g. showing a hearthling using/grabbing a hoe). None was in the wiki, so I just use the icon as a placeholder.

  • the recipe infobox is also generated, with all the contents dynamically transcluded. Recipe is stored separately in a subpage referenced in the main page.
    {{infobox recipe|RECIPEPAGE}}, usually {{infobox recipe|ITEMNAME/recipe}}

  • general item showing (with icons), where defined, will automatically be shown by default using a simple template, with options to suppress the icon, suppress label, change icon size etc. All clicks on icon/label links to the referenced page. Works even when the page don’t exists, or does not contain “data”.
    {{item show|ITEMNAME|options}}

  • mouse over summary. E.g. mouse over the Farmer’s Hoe icon in the Recipe infobox. It will show some summary of the item without having to visit the actual page (e.g. when the recipe is shown on another page). This applies to all icons shown by “item show”. (The other icons in the recipe box don’t have much info, because i did not add any summary templates for their types).

some other stuff like auto-category etc are not fixed yet as I don’t know the category organization for this wiki.

Oh btw, I just changed colors to match the wiki. I am actually terrible at styles. The styles, e.g. for infobox, is in one template, so changing that will update all infoboxes using it no matter the type (item/recipe/etc).

Some further applications that I did not include

  • Lists (e.g. of Tools) with properties dynamically transcluded (i.e. edit once, forget about it).
  • use in navbox (redlinks are non-existent pages, blue links with no icons are page with no embedded data, icon with proper links are page with data)

Let’s restart this project in hopes of making more people happier

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This is actually something we’re doing over in ACE