Stonehearth villager freezes + Chair Invis bug + Bed bug

Chair Invis Bug: Stonehearth Seat Bug
Freeze + Bed bug: StoneHearth Freeze bug + Bed Bug

hey there @DusilB … welcome aboard!

that’s the second thread title I’ve had to correct today… :smile:


Next time someone writes again HEARTHSTONE in this forum, there’s going to be blood :angry:

It’s not that we hate that game, it’s just… WRONG, even more for a bug report.


Sorry Sorry Sorry. Fingers type on their own >.<. I do enjoy Stonehearth quite a bit. It’s unfortunate that the names are so close to each other.


I actually browsed here by mistake on my way to the Hearthstone wiki (in my bookmarks). It’s alright though, this place is cool also.


Freeze bed bug sounds new maybe, but the invisible-when-on-chair thing is a known issue.

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Well, at least looks like we’re getting more players from among the HearthStone players :smile:

It’s like indirect/involuntary advertising.

Yes,that freezing bug is new, at least for this Alpha. I think we’ll use this topic for that specific bug.

Or, in my case, Hearthstone YouTube (Trump) viewers.

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