Stonehearth Opening Cutscene Script Idea

Keep in mind this is a script. This is imagined in my head as a full 3D animated Cutscene that expresses how Stonehearth should be. If anyone is good with animation, and can step up to the plate, please do.
The Radiant logo appears as usual
We fade into an elevated view of a forest, with mountains in the background, and the sun rising over the mountains, peaceful music begins to play.
The camera begins to move forward, as we look down into the forest below, when we see a small clearing, and a group of hearthlings
We go down to an eye leveled view of the band of 7 workers, one worker carries a banner in his/her hand
The hearthling with the banner then thrusts it into the ground, and another Hearthling drops a miniature fire place, hits it with his/her hammer, and it becomes normal size
One Hearthling walks up to a tree nearby. He/she looks at their hands, then the tree, and tries to punch the tree. The Hearthling instantly pulls his hand back in pain, and holds his injured hand with the other hand. He seems to be about to give up when an axe poofs out of nowhere above him/her. He/she grabs the axe, looks at the tree, and gets chopping
We then go up into a birds eye view of the group, and frame by frame, day and night, we see trees disappear, buildings being constructed, farms being made and more. We watch the hearthlings progress at a very fast pace
When the medium sized village is seen fully built, we go back down to the eye level view. We are on the outskirts of the village, and seeing the hearthlings live out their happy lives.
The music then abruptly stops, as the the hearthlings look in fear at the camera. The camera turns around to see a group of goblins, with a chieftain leading the pack, standing on the edge of the woods, with weapons drawn.
We then turn back to see three greatly armed footmeb, ready for battle. The chieftain lets out a battle cry, and both forces run towards each other. Right when the battle is about to start, the screen cuts to black.
The title Stonehearth then emerges on the black screen. The title fades away slowly.
The main menu pops up
That’s my idea, thanks for reading :smile:
Post what you think below! Zilla is out, dog!


I love it! Especially the tree punching which is a clever reference.


Hey @yshan, with the new game UI that Tom leaked the other night on the stream, it seems that you are going for a more “storybook” type feel to starting the game. Any chance we could see something like this in the future when launching the game?

And yes, this reference is awesome!