Stonehearth opened but I can't access it

The recommended setting for my monitor, 1360 X 768. I’ve ran stonehearth multiple times beforehand. I have 7 hours of gameplay.

That’s exactly what happens. And this happens on windows 7, not sure about 8 haven’t used that OS much.
I’ve waited up to like 2-3 minutes before closing it out.

All of my drivers are fully up to date.

Edit: I even tried deleting my local content and re-installing, that didn’t work either. This is really starting to annoy me because I REALLY want to play stonehearth right now lol.

Edit: I still can’t get into Stonehearth. Does anyone else have another suggestion as to how to fix this?

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I really don’t I’m afraid, this will probably do nothing as it might just be a hardware issue, but try deleting the “user_settings.json” file and then trying to play the game, just on the off chance something has gone a little wrong in the settings … which I highly doubt.

It might be a case of waiting for the next round of bug fixes, see if that resolves, and if not then we’ll notify the resident gurus @sdee and @not_owen_wilson.

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You are trying to get the vanilla game up and running, right? I mean there are no mods installed and you did not unzip the stonehearth.smod etc. … just to be on the save side :wink:.

Have you tried to start the game in admin- or compatibility-mode already? Don’t have another idea apart from trying this.

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Your system should definitely be capable of running it well (one of our test rigs is a Radeon 7850 setup), so I don’t think this is anything hardware related. In your Stonehearth directory (C:\Users\{your user name}\AppData\Local\stonehearth), you should see both “stonehearth.log” and “gfx.log” files. Can you please message me these files?

Also, if you know: do you normally run as administrator, or as a (reduced permission) user? It’s fine if you don’t know the answer.


This problem still is not resolved, even after the alpha 4 release.

İ have the same problem i double click on stonehearth and nothing happens Plz help i play stonehearth on win 8 when i updated to win 10 it runs good but after 4 or 5 weeks it started to give Lavasoft Crashes When i get rid of lavasoft this happened

Welcome to the forum, @Ozzy1 :slight_smile:

Could you upload you stonehearth.log file after the crash happens?
It should be located inside the folder where you have Stonehearth installed.

stonehearth.log (1.6 KB)
here it is

I had a similar problem running the dev build. but not on the regular build…

i fixed it in the dev build by running microsoft visual c++ 2013 redistributable (x86) 12.30501

you might need another one for windows 10 tho. But try updaing MS visual c++ assets.

@Relyss Also i wanted to point this out! it seems to me like dev build is using visual c++ 2013 but fuld build running 2015 ! not sure i just ran in to that yesterday! dev build would not start up but regular one did so i had to update visual c++2013 :stuck_out_tongue: (fresh windows 7 install,steam will only update 2015 i think)

nope it doesnt work I tried x64 and x86 versions both of them dont work :frowning:

It might be. I’ve seen several crash reports that they had to reinstall some library to get the game working again.
Not sure if it’s related to Ozzy1’s problem.

@Ozzy1, could you delete completely the game (delete manually the folder too, keep your savefiles elsewhere if you want to restore them later) and then reinstall the game? It seems you’re using an older Stonehearth version too.

Could not find open port is ringing alarm bells for me.

There have been issues in the past where the client isn’t connecting to the server due to a misconfiguration on the host OS. If a reinstall doesn’t fix it I’d try:

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@Froggy, there are bigger issues here though - looking at the log Ozzy1 is running the latest A18, but it’s complaining about mod versions and wanting version 2 (not 3 like it should). Seems very much like something is corrupted…

so my game is gone now :frowning:

Gone from where? :confused:
Didn’t Steam redownload it automatically? (Perhaps after restarting Steam?)

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Steam doesn’t typically redownload it automatically - you need to “delete local content” in steam and then click install again. (Assuming you deleted the entire Stonehearth directory already)

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i mean i cant play it anymore

If it doesn’t open (nor 32 nor 64bit versions), post your stonehearth.log again and we’ll see if the error has changed.
Also your user_settings.json (were you playing fullscreen before?)

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how the hack is this happened i dont now but when i delete HP printer my game started working :smiley: