Stonehearth.log for crash

Also, @Interdit, are you using the 32-bit or 64-bit version? That might be a little bit more helpful than answering @8BitCrab’s original wording of the question :wink:.


@coasterspaul, this is why you will never get a title saying that you’re helpful in any way :laughing:

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Welcome to the forum, @Interdit
Your crash log looks somehow incomplete. Did the game not reach the screen with the Radiant logo? Was it the first time you played?


me system specs : Windows 8.1
processeur : intel® Core™ i7-3770K CPU @ 3.50GHz 3.50GHz
RAM : 16.0 Go

For the games I use the 32bit and 64bit versions. I have the same crash.
Iam playing with Steam.

I don’t play lasted version. I play the last
the last release or not = crash

crash even before it started.

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My log is complete. This is the first time I want to play

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I’d say to try updating your graphic drivers, but it seems they’re already up to date :sweat_smile:

Ok, let’s try something else. Maybe your antivirus or some other program is preventing Stonehearth from launching correctly. Take a look at this topic

to see if you have one of those in your computer.

Meanwhile I’m going to search for topics about crashes that got resolved.


meanwhile, i’m just going to let you handle this, because you actually know what your doing :wink:

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@Interdit, have you tried executing Stonehearth from the game folder instead of launching it from Steam? The path should be something like C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth
There you will find the Stonehearth.exe

I’m just trying to discard causes of the crash. Also you could try deleting the Stonehearth folder manually and reinstalling again.

no anti-malware, no antivirus.

I have already installed the jeux.J’ai remove the games. WHOLESALE I start the game at the source.

Another thing you could try is validating the game cache on Steam, or writing the options on your user_settings.json file. Which probably is blank since your game crashed at start.

Quel traducteur avez-vous utilisé? Je ne comprends pas ce que vous dites…

I have already done and it does not work

Sorry for the late reply, the forum wasn’t working a moment ago.

Do you have a user_settings.json file on your Stonehearth folder? You can open it with any text editor and paste its contents here.

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user_settings.json =
“user_id” : “01ea2072-314b-11e5-854e-08606ee87a41”

stonehearth.json =

“mod_checksums”: {
“stonehearth”: “9290464446a5682f34407473b1b8c3885e28417d7d869c898ebe1c51e70b809e”,
“radiant”: “9de48e99699ad441b1473c7f7be7a846179dfb2ee94aa5795d37e3c50b3813d2”
“renderer”: {
“screen_width”: 1920,
“enable_ssao”: false,
“enable_fullscreen”: false,
“use_fast_hilite”: false,
“enable_gl_logging”: false,
“enable_vsync”: true,
“shadow_resolution”: 2048,
“screen_height”: 1080,
“enable_shadows”: true,
“msaa_samples”: 0,
“use_ssao_blur”: false,
“use_forward_renderer”: true

hmm… your user settings should look more or less like this,

{ "user_id" : "e91e8002-f84b-11e4-ad3b-3085a990d706", "collect_analytics" : true, "alpha_welcome" : { "hide" : true }, "enable_auto_save" : false, "renderer" : { "run_once" : true, "use_high_quality" : false, "enable_ssao" : false, "enable_shadows" : true, "msaa_samples" : 0, "shadow_quality" : 1, "max_lights" : 50, "enable_vsync" : false, "enable_fullscreen" : false, "screen_width" : 1920, "screen_height" : 1018, "draw_distance" : 1000, "last_window_x" : -8, "last_window_y" : -8, "last_screen_x" : 8, "last_screen_y" : 52 }, "audio" : { "bgm_volume" : 0, "efx_volume" : 1 }, "enable_64_bit" : true, "enable_lua_jit" : true, "tutorial" : { "hideStartingTutorial" : true }, "mods" : { "homf" : { "customize_embarking" : true, "customize_immigrating" : true, "zoom_to_hearthling" : true, "pause_during_customization" : true } } }

I changed and always the same.

@Interdit - It looks like your stonehearth installation is broken and some of the files do not have the correct contents. You will probably need to delete/uninstall the game files and re-download the Stonehearth.

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I have removed and reinstalled …

And it keeps crashing?

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did you do a clean install? as in, have you manually deleted the stonehearth folder, rather then letting steam handle it, and then re-installed?

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@interdit - In the mods folder, can you post the exact filesize for radiant.smod and stonehearth.mod?

  • Right click the file
  • Select ‘properties’
  • Post the number of bytes shown in the ‘size’ field (not ‘size on disk’)