Stonehearth is 1.0


That’s the one


Guess it’s time for the whole thanks and more or less goodbye to the devs. People started doing it as soon as the “leaving the nest” announcement came out and although sweet I was like “Nooo we’re not there yet stop it!” Too sad, too soon. Besides, it’s that classic saying goodbye and then walking the same way awkwardness.

I’ve been around since the kickstarter. Stayed away from discourse a while when I had to focus on other stuff but still followed every bit of developement news. As much as I love the game I honestly haven’t played much and my in game time will never get close to the time I spent following the developement and reading and writing on discourse. And that’s perfectly fine. The process has always been the important thing for me. It’s been a big part of these last 5 years and it’s gonna be empty and weird to not hear @sdee on tuesday evenings, going to bed excited over the latest announcement and discuss it with a colleague the next day. Not having a dev stream as company at work on fridays.

As much as I loved listening to all the people that were streaming I must give a special shout out to @Allie. Your beautiful art and your natural talent for saying weird and hilarious things even surpassed Tom himself. I hope to see you (and of course the rest of the devs as well) in more streams somewhere in the future.

Part of the reason why I haven’t played the game more is that I always end up finding a mountain that I want to hollow out and make a grand castle out of. Guess I’m a bit of a dwarf that way, even though I never really cared about having them in the game. Anyway, it’s an extra motivation for me to look into improving the mining system, so the hearthlings can finally fulfill my big plans. Signing up for ACE as soon as I manage to escape vacation with the family and get caught up on the last two streams.

Thank you again for all your hard work and for being awesome! :heart:
You rest now. We’ll take it from here. :wink:


curious for the tool that we grab a color that we already used if it will sometime soon change when using it to how the tool actually looks.
When you click this tool it does not change appearance in your hand its still the paintbrush and many times your not sure if you actually clicked it or if its even working until you try grab a color :slight_smile:


Would be a nice extra tiny polish to add :slight_smile:


Screaming this at the top of my lungs @SteveAdamo


I miss you all so much :smiley:


Mac is almost out : ).

Bug fixes and some little features. Adding two kickstarter encounters, switching crafting over to effort, adding some desert creatures. Wish it was more, but it is what it is : ].

It is, but that’s life : ). The good news is: its a release! Who knows, in another universe it could have been shut down and never released. I’m pretty happy that it got out the door, bittersweet/sudden though it was. The last game I worked on was Wildstar - you all may have heard what just happened to it in the news : /. I am very pleased that that can never happen with Stonehearth : D.

Thank you all for taking this wonderful journey with us, and hopefully the journey continues for a long while still!


Quite sad; I tried one of the closed beta tests for it, but was too busy to get to really get into it as thoroughly as I had wanted to at the time :frowning:

is sad as she goes back to working on her litany of SH mods


I always liked the idea and visuals for Wildstar, I just have such gaming ADD that I never really got into it…and I’m kinda sad that now I’ll never get to.


Wildstar was quiet fun but i never went to end game in it but i liked the Visuals and Combat was fun to just did not play it with anyone so probably why i decided to never play till endgame


Good news!

I’ve been testing the macOS version and I’ve found it to be 95% stable. Not only that, I’ve found the antics of the Hearths endearing and amusing (against my better judgement).

Once I’ve had a look at the final macOS release it’s a fair bet my thumbs down Steam review (reflecting that at the time there was no macOS version) will turn into a thumbs up review.

It’s not really a surprise that when I got the version I’d pledged for, I returned to the land of happy backers :grinning:


Hi! I hope this is the right place to ask. I backed the game on the $30 level and am looking to get it into my Steam library. On the Humble Bundle page I see a gift key and a pre-release Steam key. The latter says “These keys are good for the pre-release only. We will need to provide a different key once we are officially released.”. How can I get the key for the release version? Thank you!


@Skybly, despite the message, there’s no different keys for the release version, they are the same. Let us know if you have trouble accessing your Steam key :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you! I tried redeeming the key on Steam but it claims it has been previously used. Can you help? Thank you!


Done. Try getting them again from your Humble Bundle page :slightly_smiling_face: