Stonehearth Add-On for Blender (Animation)

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[/quote]… actually this describes the idea of the Add-On to some extend :wink:. And as you are saying @SteveAdamo, I hope it will be helpful for those modders who want to work with Blender.

I am almost done with the next version which will include a bit more “laziness” as there will be an option included to export relationships and sizes of helper bones into a meta-file. This will make the work just a bit easier and more comfortable. Once that is done I will also work on a short tutorial on how to use the Add-On with own models and animations.

Update: v0.7.2 is now available. The updated version is now supporting the export of meta-data, i.e. the relationships between objects and information about sizes of helper bones.


Seems like the add-on is almost done. Good job @voxel_pirate

Thanks… actually it is done already and working quite nicely. For sure there will be some updates over time - especially as we will see the Alpha being released and as I expect that some work will be required on the file format - but other than that… feel free to test / use it :wink:.

P.S. Just updated the download-files 5 minutes ago (Blender will switch now automatically to Object Mode prior exporting meta-files, so user does not have to do it).

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I will for sure, when the animation time is there :blush:

Uploaded v0.7.6 which includes an UI for custom models. In Blender it can be a bit painful to adjust the size of a helper bone. With the new UI you can add and adjust bones by entering variables for x, z and y (tail = starting point / head = end point).

In case the name does not exist yet, a new bone will be added. If the selected name already exists in the scene and is a bone (i.e. “armature”), the size will be adjusted.

Here a screenshot of the related UI (work in progress):

P.S. I have also just uploaded part 5 of the video-tutorial. It (hopefully) explains the idea behind the meta-files and also takes a very brief look on the new UI. More to come in the next video.


Just noticed I think you have uploaded the wrong one to the link in your first post. When I download it I get io_stonehearth_073 and when I check in blender it says that it is version 0.7.3 not 0.7.6. Realized when I was creating a meta file for a custom model and there was no option for custom helper bones. Though the link on your You tube video takes you to the right download link for 0.7.6.

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Hm… let me check once I am at home. I thought I have deleted the old files… sorry. As a work-around maybe change the number manually… they are in the same folder… I hope.

Update: @The_M done! Thanks for raising this issue, I did forget to change the link as you’ve mentioned. Btw. let me know if you need some help with the Add-On or if you encounter some troubles using it. I might be a bit blind for details in the meanwhile as I am working with it for a while already.

Just Another Update: I’ve started with uploading some tutorial videos in German… I know, not too exciting :stuck_out_tongue:.

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baby steps! although you’re forcing me to learn rudimentary German…

I am pretty sure you already know some words, don’t you? How about Angst, Bratwurst, Kindergarten, Poltergeist or Zeitgeist :wink:.

P.S. Just trying to get rid of this kind of work which I have to do this or that way so I can focus on the game once it is with us.


I am aware of a few german words, Zeitgeist is one of them!

And now, for me to impress you with my knowledge: Mitwelt, Lebenswelt, Umwelt, Vorwelt, Folgewelt … I’m sure there’s a few more but I can’t remember them right now :stuck_out_tongue:

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If something impresses me my friend, this is more and more your taste for “unique” literatur :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.

Update: I am quite happy about this one :blush:… in the next version it should be possible to import existing animations into Blender. There are still some “bugs” to eliminate but the import works already:


After trying the first steps in terms of modding, I plan to come back to the Stonehearth Add-On for Blender next week. Just checked if everything works with the Alpha (as the Add-On was designed based on the Graphics Tests)… and it does :smiley:. So I think about moving on in the next week and to continue with the development:

:white_check_mark: Add meta-files for the “new” models (Goblin, Mammoth, Sheep, Wolf).
:white_check_mark: Fix existing bugs in the import-function and release the next version including the feature.
:white_medium_small_square: Create a custom idle-animation and add it to the game as an additional animation.
:white_medium_small_square: Create a German tutorial on how to use the Add-On.

Let’s see how everything works out :wink:.

Update: Item one is done. However, there are still some inconsistencies in the labeling of bones in the Stonehearth-files, so a few animations will not play without adjustments.

Update: Importing animations is a bit tricky for two reasons. One is that Blender seems to handle quaternions (the rotation of bones is handled this way in Stonehearth) a bit different. The second is that animations do include placeholders for objects which are used in the animation (e.g. tools, weapons, chairs, etc.). I have to implement a workaround for the placeholders (for which I have an idea already) and figure out how to fix the quaternions (where I have to try out some solutions which I have in my mind).


I’m liking the addon so far :slight_smile: Having some issues but it’s most likely just me trying to get use to blender. I have a quick question though. How do you copy and paste keyframes? Oh and how about removing them?

I’m such a blender noob. Haha

wow. How awesome are you?

Pretty sweet…I guess this means I have to start playing with blender again.

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@Avairian if you have any question, please let me know. Also if you have the feeling that usability of the Add-On is not what it should be.

For that you want to open the view called “Dope Sheet”. Here you can select the single keyframes and remove / copy them under the menu-item “Key” (on the bottom of the view).

… and thanks for everyone using, testing and providing feedback :wink:. I hope I can finish the new version and publish it this week. I think that loading animations is going to be quite a nice feature.


I bet it is :thumbsup:

The only issue I was having with the addon itself is that a few times I tried seting the meta file the root bone went to the origin but the model stayed behind. I reloaded and didn’t move the camera or anything before loading the skeleton and meta file and it seems to work like that. The usability however is very straitforward :smile:

I think so too. (not that I know how it’ll be useful to me yet since I don’t know what I’m doing :wink: )

best. title. ever. :+1:

I know right? :laughing:

Oh and @voxel_pirate I have an idea for a new tutorial. How to make custom animations for item interactions. Such as like the livestream where Tom did the sitting in a chair animation. I still don’t understand that. :frowning:

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That is for sure something for the todo-list. However, it has a rather low priority for me at the moment… basics first :wink:. I guess there will be another period with no patch for a few weeks, cold winter days, something like that… to come back to this idea. But will add it on the list.

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