Steam related bug?

I’ve noticed something really weird that Steam does whenever I close out of Stonehearth. My online status will continue to say, “In Game: Stonehearth” long after I have closed down the game. This happens ONLY with Stonehearth; I do not have this problem with any other Steam game.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Open Steam and play Stonehearth
  2. Close out of Stonehearth

I don’t know if this is Steam-related or Stonehearth-related or both, but Steam does not seem to have any permanent fixes to this problem. The only way to deal with it short-term is to ctrl + shift + esc, go to “processes,” select “steam,” and "end process. Anybody else seeing this?

I have the same issue. It’s really annoying. I assume it’s something to do with the stonehearth to steam communication.

I think this might be Steam related as I’ve had it with other games in the past. It seems to happen randomly, couple of examples:

Go into your task manager and is stonehearth.exe still running as a process? If you end task that should resolve the issue. Not sure why it still hangs though, I’ll leave that one to smarter people than I.

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Yeah I do the end process thing to fix it, but it’ll just happen again and again every time I play Stonehearth ever since alpha 4 R127