State of the Stonehearth Wiki

Hey @jomaxro, thanks so much for heading this up! Sorry for the long delay in reply, we’ve just been hammered here this week. :slight_smile:

Yes, you can pull the images out of the stonehearth.smod. Have fun!

To your questions above, the UI has names in the code, but no official names yet. How about:
1.) Game UI
2.) Unit Frame
3.) Start Menu
4.) Secondary buttons
5.) Vision Widgets
6.) Performance Widget
7.) Game Speed Widget
8.) The Clock
9.) Bulletins
10.) Pop ups, each with their own name (Town View, Citizen View, etc)

Harvesting in this UI is any action that results in stuff you can use. So in this case, mining is a kind of harvesting.

Edit: I look forward to the updated wiki! :smiley:


Thanks @sdee, and please don’t apologize!

Have a new question for you. On the wiki, there is a page describing the keyboard controls (Controls - Official Stonehearth Wiki) and I have a feeling some of the bindings are out of date. Is there a file (or collection of files) in stonehearth.smod to see the bindings in easily? I can get many of the bindings through the tooltips in the game, but others (especially on the debugging side of things) cannot.


Edit: Going to page @Drotten as well, do you by chance know the answer to this as the Modding Support guy?


Well, sort of and no.

In stonehearth/data/ui/start_menu.json there are the hotkeys for the start menu buttons. The other hotkeys are scattered among the HTML and JavaScript files.

It’s easy enough (at least in Sublime) to do a search in all the files for the hotkeys; to verify if the list is correct, and at a quick glance it does seem that way.