Soldier Armor/Weapon Racks, Berry Pies, and patrols oh my!

Y’know it’d be interesting if we could set up a proper barracks where we could assign each soldier an Armor and weapon rack, on these racks we would pick specifically what they would wear, I personally know I like making my footmen use shields, even though it’s not optimal, and I’d like to choose which of my archers uses a frost quiver, and which uses a fire quiver.

Now, on to BERRY PIES, why can’t we take those delectable berries from the bush, or the prickly cactus apples, and bake them into a pie? It would give a new food group, and let berry bushes and cactus apples continue to be a very viable source of food and cooking experience, in-fact roasted berries or cactus apples would be a good starting recipe for cooks.

Further more, it would be nice to take every soldier, or even every group of soldiers, and be able to specifically path their patrol route, I’ve seen it done in Starcraft, I’m sure the geniuses of Stonehearth can figure it out, now, why do I want this? I’m tired of my group of soldiers walking through my farms, it really kills immersion, I’d also like them to specifically patrol certain areas, whether it be a wall, pathway, or the forest, I’d like to set it up and make sure it fits to what I’m building, and may I continue to say it gets annoying watching my soldiers trample my crops, even though it has no real affect… besides immersion breakage.


I like this idea to give modders ability to create specific classes as well as the team at radiant ! Great suggestions

Whoa that was so fast! Thank you MaddyGrand!!

I’ve been contemplating how to fix some issues like soldiers picking up the highest lvl weapon instead of the weapon you would like them to have and such, this would work somewhat like the Bed Assignment and you could simply replace the wooden sword with a weapons rack/cabinet which you could then place in safe places. Adds a little bit of micro the game but I feel like this would be nice for anyone thinking about creating lets say Ice/Earth/Fire/Wind mages which they cannot give individualy better weapons per area.

Hello, you should try talking to @Yangzhoui They do amazing modding and may be able to help you with idea, I personally find it to be a good idea since I myself want more advanced military.

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I really like the ideas as well and would love to help but all i can offer is the creation of more decorations items for the barrack. Which i like and is something that is certainly on my list.

For the other 2 things if you want more food (including berry pie) check out this:

And as for patrol try this:

Hope this helps ^¢^

I’ve done two barrack decorations right here if anyone is interested (had to use the situation for shameless self-advertisment :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:)

I think the cafe mod should add enough pies for now ^^


Y’know! I was listening to a few certain songs… and it made me think, what if there was a Dancer Hearthling, focusing on body and spirit they would have a little stage that they could craft out of wood (and eventually upgrade as they level…) and basically they’d go there every once in a while after . .idk maybe a certain command? like maybe ringing a small bell that signals all dancer hearthlings to get to their specific stages, and for other hearthlings to take seats near them? Basically each dancer hearthling stage would make a command area of influence that would combine with other Dancer hearthling stages, which then basically expand the area of influence, counting each seat in that specific area as an . .“Entertainment Seat” or something like that, and basically this area of influence would be stopped by walls but it would go in a full 3d square, so basically you could make like… an opera house for example… or a bar. And so basically these dancer hearthlings would boost productivity of all hearthlings who could attend “based on how many seats there are… if you don’t have enough seats then not all hearthlings can watch T3T” and yeah during this time Hearthlings would also eat and drink, be marry etc… the dancing hearthlings would boost the food effect aswell. . and there would be other upgrades too, maybe special lanterns that give off a special glowy effect that can change the mood so you can have different dances? E.g. . .like a play almost… maybe kabuki theatre… etc.

Basic idea

Dancer Hearthling


Dancer Stage
Colored Lantern
Stage Curtains
Medium Stage (Can hold 2 Dancer Hearthlings who can then work together for a greater affect.)
Large Stage (Can hold 4 hearthlings for maximum stage effect!!)
Musical instruments? (maybe a musician hearthling?)

Advanced Idea

Lead Dancer Hearthling
Server Hearthling (Yeah, they brings people food, more specifically you can tell them what kind of food to bring people, and even better they give a diverse set of options, e.g Vegetable Stew, Meat Stew, Poyo Pot Pie, etc. this way your hearthlings will have a balanced robust diet.)
Musician Hearthling (make the Dancer Hearthlings even better!)

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