Soldier Abilities

While watching my six soldiers fight off some kobold wolves and an ogre, I started thinking how cool would it be if there were killing blows or finishing moves, like a Footman running up to an ogre and doing something cool to kill him instead of just hitting him like they usually do.

So that got me thinking, what if our Hearthling soldiers had specialized abilities according to their class, like how other RPGs have for the player character? These abilities would be able to be activated by the player from the Hearthling’s profile bar in the bottom left, would have a cooldown, and each be able to turn the tide of a battle?

The Archer -

  • Headshot: The Archer pulls back an arrow to full draw, aiming at the target enemy’s head and firing. This would be a powerful ability that immediately kills smaller enemies (goblins, wolves, entlings and tiny stone golems, etc.) while dealing a considerable amount of damage to larger ones (ogres, stone golems, large entling, etc.).
  • Blind Eye: The Archer nock two arrows and aim at the enemy’s eyes for a couple seconds before firing. The target would be permanently blinded (in the case of smaller ones) or temporarily blinded (larger monsters), meaning they cannot move or attack, effectively taking them out of the fight to level the playing field.

The Footman -

  • Power Spike: An already existing ability, this could either stay the same as it is or be changed to be a player-controlled ability. If so, the damage could be greatly increased and could stun the enemy for a couple seconds.
  • Cleave: Again, an existing ability that could once again stay the same or be changed. This attack could be used strategically to take out multiple low-health enemies at once, or even cause a bleed effect.

The Cleric -

  • Grand Heal: An AoE heal like the Cleric’s natural Healing Aura, but instead healing nearby friendlies for large amounts. Useful for when your soldiers are outnumbered and everyone is in need of a life-saver.
  • Purge: Burn the target with holy energies, dealing a moderate amount of damage and stunning the enemy. A small, but somewhat effective, addition to the Cleric’s diminished combat capabilities.

The Knight -

  • Thunderclap: In the past, one of my favorite abilities in World of Warcraft but now something that is useful for gaining aggro, the Knight could use something like this (with a different name if needed) that deals a small amount of damage to all enemies in a short radius around them and decreases their damage dealt by some percentage.
  • Juggernaut - A substantial increase to the Knight’s already formidable tanking abilities, the Knight becomes nearly unstoppable with a temporary increase in health, defense, and damage and also striking fear into the hearts of nearby enemies in which they all focus on their superpowered foe to bring him down. This would be something that is necessary only in the most dire of circumstances, or you just want to watch one guy steamroll an army.

All of these abilities would have varying cooldowns, with Headshot, Power Spike, Grand Heal, and Juggernaut having the longest - possibly a day or more - to prevent overuse and make sure no one is too overpowered.

These are open to critique, and I’d be happy to hear what you think! Thanks!


Even though it is not an ability, I would like to suggest the possibility of crafting whistling arrows that would cause less damage than a regular arrow but would have a chance to cause lesser enemies to run in fear for a short time.