Slice view: Bad compatibility with buildings?

Summary: Camera behavior and mining-prevention for blocks under floor blocks produce usability issues for mining.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place a predefined building template
  2. Snap-to-5 the slice-view camera to minimally below the ground.
  3. Try to mine a cellar for the building.

Expected Results:

  • The snapping mine tool M should allow mining a building.
  • Having the camera placed below the level of the floor should actually hide the floor.

Actual Results:

  • Mining below the building is forbidden, because apparently the blocks the floor is “on top” of is protected. This is inconsistent, as mining the cellar first would work? I just ran into the issues resulting from having nothing below the “floor” level, so that part seems fine after all.
  • Snapping the camera to “-5” relative to the ground level doesn’t hide the buildings, hindering mining. The user has to go down an additional level, which kind of defeats the point of the snapping.

Related to: Slicing View for Buildings. If the slice view didn’t treat buildings differently from other blocks, at least the visual part of the issue wouldn’t occur. Mining blocks below floor blocks would still be forbidden though.

System Information:
Windows 10, 64 bit.

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Similarly, all buildings are shown in “build” mode regardless of slicing, which is a problem when trying to build below existing buildings (e.g. in mine shafts).