Sims inside of sims

How cool would be to see this game have simulators inside of simulators.
What I mean by that is have each and every aspect of the game it’s own small sim.
To farm there is a farming simulator.
To Mine it becomes a mining simulator.
To fight there is a war simulator.

I know that this is kinda how the game is shaping up already but i just hope that all of the games parts are flushed out. Unlike minecraft were there is a million ideas and some don’t go anywhere. For intense in minecraft you dont actually use the mine cart for mining.

So heres to hopping that you can really get down to the nitty gritty of all the different aspects of the game and that every thing in the game is useful and well thought out with no fluff.

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seems to complocated

Im alit lost as to what is complicated? Would you mind elaborating. -__-

dont worry, you can count on the developers to make the game as fun and great as possible :slight_smile:

I think you need to expand on what you mean by simulator … I mean, the whole farming aspect will have it’s own ‘game’ in the respect that you can choose to truly focus on the details of it maximizing your gains, or you can pay as little attention as needed to have a basic supply of food.

I should imagine the same thing applies to other aspects of the game as well!

by complicated i mean by expanding each of those into there own simulator you increasing the difficulty
and yes i know there adding a fun farm game but i mean detailed sims would be a bad idea.

only if the player had no choice, right? as @Geoffers747 described in the farming example… if i were feeling particularly … farm-ish, i could go whole hog, and really dive into the inner workings of the farming system… or, i could just blow it off, and only produce what was necessary to keep my good for nuthin units fed… and they better be happy they get even that!

the same concept could be applied elsewhere… mining for example… there could be elaborate systems of shoring to increase the lifespan of a vein, or more meticulous mining efforts to yield higher returns… or, i could simply do the bare minimum to get the basic materials i need, etc.

in the end, its all about player choices… :wink:


Someone mod in a Neo-Geo arcade cabinet XD
games within games…

Steve That is exactly what im saying!!!
I would love to go whole hog farming !

Well lucky for you CowforCow it’s already included in the game!

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