Shrink Map Size of Existing Save

So I’ve been doing some reading lately and turns out it was really dumb to use the extra large map option since it really affects performance :sweat_smile:

I’m wondering if there’s a way to shrink the map of an existing game


I don’t think there’s any way to make a existing save map smaller sadly. But if you make a new save and still have the mod on, then you can even make a smaller map than the original then for the future of the save game :smiley: I’m not sure what happens if you turn the mod off and load the save game up, but maybe that would help. It may be a risk tho.

That would almost certainly cause a crash when they tried to load the save, sadly.

@TOFUFU There’s very little you can do for that map – there’s the usual litany of performance-saving tips but sadly they won’t have enough impact to make up for the large map option.

One thing you could do, though, is save templates of any buildings you have thus-far, and use console commands to ‘skip ahead’ in the township quest so that you’re able to re-embark from your current position (if I understand correctly, you can skip straight to the final stage of the campaign without having to pass through tiers 2 and 3, so you’re not “cheating” your way into unlocking anything new; just trying to salvage some of what you already have.) In case you’re not familiar with it, re-embarking allows you to select 3 citizens and 10 items to bring with you to a future town, meaning that this town wouldn’t be a total write-off. You could even try using the same seed to get a similar (although unfortunately it won’t be quite identical) map on your next embarkation!

The extra map options only has code for the generation, once that is done, even if you remove the mod, it still works, because all the map information is already saved in the save file (i.e. its size, shapes, where water goes, its entities, etc…)

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Huh, interesting to know. It makes sense that the mod doesn’t touch anything when the game is “running” the save, only during generation. I figured there might have been an issue because of the mod being missing from the mod list that’s saved along with all the other stuff… but then, now that I think about it, if that would cause a major issue then we’d never be able to change/update/etc. mods at all within a save.

The irony is that the confirmation that the save file would still work without the mod installed also confirms that there’s no way to “update” the map generation. Even doing something dramatic like using auto-mine to remove 80% of the terrain blocks in the map wouldn’t change the “size” parameters of the map… but I wonder if doing that would cause the game to stop “considering” those chunks for updates/pathfinding/etc. and thus effectively “remove” that area from the save?

There will be some left overs, for example, the x-ray visions take into consideration the original terrain to know where you have dig or not, and we can’t remove the bottom bedrock.
The missing mod warning happens even if you remove a template I think. The game doesn’t really do anything more than check the before and after of mod lists, so no check for compatibility is made.

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Hey guys, thanks for the responses
Restarting isn’t really an option since I have 48 hearthlings and a ton of buildings, I’m too lazy to cheat them all back in a new save
I’ll just live with the 13 fps :’)