Set my time machine to September 2014

The kickstarter told me to set my time machine to September 2014. I was not disappointed! This game is really fun now!


I “accidentally” set my time machine to September 2018.

Stonehearth becomes the next Minecraft, Team Radiant become billionaires, @SteveAdamo becomes a pop-star, @Geoffers747 goes on a rampage and bans everyone from Stonehearth Discourse, and Michael Bay still has an explosion fetish.


[quote=“EpicDwarf, post:2, topic:7614, full:true”]and Michael Bay still has an explosion fetish.

There is nothing wrong with that! :boom: :+1:

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Hi there, @PDanford. BOOM! You know, BOOM! I actually BOOM! disagree with BOOM! you. Michael BOOM! Bay does have BOOM! a, I guess BOOM! fetish about being overly BOOM! dramatic, overusing special effects,BOOM! and of course, BOOM! explosions. It also doesn’t help BOOM! that his movies, BOOM! like the Transformers movies, BOOM! are pretty bad inm eyes. Also, BOOM! did you know BOOM! that this BOOM! sentence has less explosions BOOM! than one of Michael’s action BOOM! scenes?

Say what you will about Michael Bay’s style of movie-making, but… it works:

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My. God.

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Guess how I got pass the character limit. It’s easy and I didn’t screw with the software.

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If this thread is not the quickest to derail i don’t know what is.

3 posts and it’s way out there xD GJ guys.

Like this:
[Hi],[,1] (comas to make it visible)

And then you just removes the [ ] signs.

*below this text there is an invisible link