Seraphia mountain town+rollercoaster design+sneak peak next project

Oh no. You know now that you started it we will demand a full set of pieces, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

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be my guest :slight_smile: little piece to get you on your way


Seeing i can’t wait for the planet coaster beta stage, i wanted to make a amusement park inside stonehearth :slight_smile:
And what better to start with then (drum roll please )


Yes you guessed it a true rollercoaster and the most amazing part is they can build it them self :slight_smile: It takes a massive amount of time and takes a massive toll on the lua. My game even had a crash so multiple saving is required. Also recommend to build it early in the game when your town is not requiring allot of mem usage.

Only problem is the scaffolting. They leave just a really small part of scaffolting which a restard or extra ladders don’t fix.


is everybody liking the fact that there is a scaffolting problem on my rollercoaster? hahaha just kidding but it is a seperate post not part of the pics post :slight_smile:

I’ve been trying to do the opposite: recreating Stonehearth’s default building templates in a park in the Planet Coaster alpha. I’ll have to post pictures if I ever get the time to finish it :slight_smile:


Oh nice roller coaster !:smiley:

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