Select New Hearthlings From a List

This would be a rather nice (and I hope simple) quality of life improvement. When you get a new Hearthling to join your village, instead of just some rando popping in, you get a small list of potential hearthlings and can pick the one you want.


A preview of who wants to join so we can accept or reject them as we see fit.


A preview would be best, as u could tell who wants to join u. Especially now that traits and emotions are coming into play

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That’s a good idea. Although I don’t want to completely remove the random factor out of equation.
Say, you can see hearthling’s stats prior to immigration (akin to “fill in the customs card please”), but he keeps his traits a secret. This way we can have hearthlings like cultists or grumpy guys “sneak” into our settlements and make us deal with the consequences.


I like this idea, but I’d like to bring up a slight variation of it if you haven’t seen it already: