Ropes, Ropes, Ropes what will you use them for?

Im not sure if ropes are definitely going to be in the game but if they are the mechanics are going to be hard etc.) now the real question what will you use ropes for and how and if this question can be made better for ropes please say

Well I can’t say I’ve given much thought into what we’d be able to do with ropes … I’m not sure if we’ll have that level of freedom to do whatever it is we like with them …

This thread has some interesting discussion about what ropes might be used for, although it doesn’t talk about ropes specifically

As for what I’d use them for … crane systems to move lots of goods far distances … bridges … some sort of trap/ mechanisms … the usual stuff!

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Can you explain a bit more what you are thinking about? There is another topic discussing how “thin lines” could work in Stonehearth. Is this what you have in your mind?

My problem is that how it is going to work because it would be much more easier if in first person maybe some mini game might do it like the farming mini-game i don’t know really

use for pulleys wells mechanics industrial sized farming i some way

That mini game quote is really haunting you isn’t it @Tom?

The whole mini game thing isn’t really a mini game … it’s more that, farming will be deep. If you wish to pay attention to your settlements farming needs then you will receive greater benefits such as more crops.

You don’t have to pay attention to farming though, and you can just tell your settlers to put a farm here and let them get on with it, your results will be worse, but you don’t have to focus your attentions to it.

That’s the idea they were trying to convey, that these systems will be there that are quite in-depth, if you focus your attentions on them you will be rewarded, but you don’t have to pay them much attention if you don’t want.

In terms of first-person it’s extremely unlikely we will see any first person mode in Stonehearth, they’ve indicated quite early on that this would be a completely different experience.

As for what ropes will actually be used for, I imagine they will simply be a component in a larger product - so for example to build some item you’d need to have a rope.

I’m not even sure if ropes have been confirmed? @voxel_pirate @SteveAdamo anything?


oh i tried to look for the post but i couldn’t find it

No “confirmation” as far as I remember.

However, so far we do not see them in any screenshots or streams. Ropes are comparable thin (see the thread I’ve linked above). So if you want them to look realistic you will have to down-size them. Also othey are quite “elastic”, so it can be painful to animate them properly. With the archer we have seen so far that Tom did not include “thin lines”. I gave it a try for a fisherman and the animation looks fine without the line. Probably you can also design a plow without ropes.

My guess… not in the game.

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nothing that i recall, no… my guess is they might be used in the crafting of one item or another, but perhaps not used “directly” in the environment…

I think this a bit bad of a topic as ropes are better for first person but if it is string it might be different maybe ill turn the title to strings, strings, strings what will you use them for? :smile:

There could be something akin to rope ladders. Maybe you could have your archers get in their towers and have their rope ladders raise up, removing concern of being overrun. Other than that, just general purpose for hauling, reins, etc are the only things I can think of off-hand.