Rising Thunder tips?

So it seems no one is discussing Rising Thunder. As someone who never plays fighting games I think the game is pretty cool. It looks good and never lags.

However, even though the game is supposed to allow for newer players to jump in easily, there definitely needs to be more tutorial in game or on YouTube or somewhere.
I know the game is in Alpha but I feel like I just get stomped every match just because the game, while accessible, is still very foreign to me

For now does anyone have any tips? Are there any guides available? All help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


the issue that nobody discuss Rising Thunder is that Rising Thunder has an own Forum ^^ Please use this for your questions - to separte the Games xD



…and now I feel like an idiot. Thank you though for telling me!


dont worry, i totally forgot about the forums myself actually :laughing:

[quote=“TheThunderOne, post:3, topic:15197”]
Thank you though for telling me!
[/quote]yes, thanks for the reminder @Wiese2007 :smile:

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