Question about rising thunder?

On radiants website rising thunder is still shown?
will rising thunder be taken away from their website soon?

Can someone help me please?
someone who maybe knows a lot about this game or radiant?

You’re right. On the “about”-page Rising Thunder is still being displayed. Here on the other hand the team seems to have been assigned to a different project: “As for Rising Thunder, the team will start work on a new game that we’re incredibly excited about.” I wouldn’t get my hopes up that it’s being revived in the forseeable future. Removing the entry from the aforementioned page would be helpful, I guess.

so do you think in the future the rising thunder on their page will get removed?
plus on Wikipedia, it shows rising thunder, will that soon be removed or will it always be there?

@joewalker I’m not sure. I don’t think the Radiant website has been updated in a long time. I’ve reached out to the team to provide an official response.

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ahhh thanks dude…
let me know if you hear anything!

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The Radiant website is now dormant and will not be updated. (At some point, in fact, it will likely be simply redirected to since we are now part of Riot.) Yes, Rising Thunder is still part of the “About” page on the Radiant site, but as the Radiant home page says, Rising Thunder has been shut down permanently.


so rising thunder will always be on the radiant website?
also, are you saying that the radiant site will be removed and put on riots site?
&don’t you think rising thunder should be removed?

Rising Thunder will remain on Radiant website until it is taken down. As the homepage says, Radiant has been acquired by Riot, therefore, Radiant Entertainment as an entity no longer exists.

There will be no further edits to the website. At some point in time, if you go to you will be automatically redirect to (If it helps think about what happens when you attempt to visit, you are automatically redirected to

No. The website will not have any more edits. The homepage contains the latest information.

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oh youll be redirected to the riot games website?
and on the riot games website rising thunder wont be there?

We’re not going to comment any further on this.