[Res] Workers falling asleep on picket fences- Latest version

I was just playing around with picket fences, at night all of my workers decided they’ll take a nap on them,
quite weird must be uncomfortable…


Don’t know if this is a bug, as workers fall asleep anywhere when they get too tired. If they fell asleep within the hitbox of the fence, they’d have moved to being on top of it.

No, all of my workers tried to sleep specifically on picket fences.
i had rows and rows of workers falling asleep on them.

I had lot’s of bed’s but everyone was sleeping only on fences :confused:


if this happens again/consistently, please toss up a screenshot… thanks!

I seem to be getting this alot… they sleep on the fence when beds are 3 feet away…



Can confirm. They will go straight to the fences and sleep on them, as if they are sleeping on a mean bed. No penalty when they wake up.


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Can’t find where this was posted before. @8BitCrab, help me out here.

right here,

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Same issue here, yet they are utilizing the Picket Fence Gates, they walk up to the gate, open it then climb into thin air… seems comfy!

first screaming silently, now climbing into thin air, what amazing tricks will our hearthlings pull on us next?


Also getting this problem. They have been like this ever since the wolves attacked. Must have been tough.


I’ve been noticing this bug as well. Posting a screenshot. All the hearthlings who don’t yet have beds come to gather at the bank, which is fenced in. They tuck themselves in on the fenceposts.


They gave up sleeping on the gates, and the comfy beds, and decided to go sleep on the sheep pen.

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Hearthlings think the picket fences are beds…

firstly, wlecome to the discourse @ExOTIiCxTwiST :smile:

secondly, its already been reported, thanks anyways :blush:

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Just confirming, I got this bug tonight as well. It seems they prefer fences instead of their comfy beds. :smile:

Had a probably related bug crop up the other day, that I posted a screenshot of in my Tumblr. In my case, it was one particular fence gate that my hearthlings would cross some considerable distance to go have a nap on. I had no picket fences placed, and only two fence gates.

I’d previously taken this screenshot of my little settlement; the two gates were placed one at the foot of those snazzy stairs you see in the bottom/center right (that gate did not get treated as a bed), and one at the foot of a set of similar stairs located near where the copper vein is in the top left of the screenshot (the bugged gate - the gate was placed before the stairs were built and was bugged straight away as you can see from the screenshot of the sweetly dreaming Hearthling). The sleeping area is in the L-shaped building on the far right, so they’re pretty much going as far as they can from the actual beds in order to grab some shut-eye.

My main worry with this, honestly, is that that gate kind of marks the end of relatively safe territory, so anyone who chooses to sleep on the gate is a prime target for nighttime invaders.