Removing window causes a hole on wall

Summary: I just removed a long window from a Wall and it just created a hole on the Wall.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Put a window to a wall
  2. Try to remove it with erase tool.
  3. And causes hole on wall.

Expected Results: Removed window without hole on wall.

Actual Results: Removed window with hole on wall.

Notes: I tried to undo but undo wasnt working too.

Attachments: Sh2 - Hızlı Resim

Version Number and Mods in use: Alpha 21 release 707 , with Turkish Translation Mod.

System Information: Win 10, AMD Phenom II X4 965, AMD Radeon HD 6670, 8 Gb Ram.

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Update : I saved it as template and removed that building. After that i tried to insert from template, it was looking like it has hole but it just loaded without hole.

Walls usually come back when they’re updated, which I think should happen when changing the material, when you move a window around before placing it, and apparently when a template loads in. They probably need to add removing windows to that list. Glad it doesn’t seem to be permanent, though.

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I can’t reproduce this, although I think I’ve seen it reported sometimes. Removing windows with the erase tool restores the wall just fine, so this could be a random occurrence or just an edge case that happens with specific steps.

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