[r162] Removing a partially built building causes errors and crash

Removing a building can cause

  1. Workers to get stuck in mid-air when the block they are standing is removed by themselves or another worker
  2. The trim of the roof to remain suspended in air, needing ladders to be built to remove each voxel
  3. Stone wall voxels to generate wood resource on removal
  4. Floor is not removed

I encourage others to find a better way to reproduce these errors individually. Could help radiant find and fix the different bugs.

Building ladders to clean up the roofing trim voxels that were left behind. Also notice no workers are carrying wood even through they are deconstructing walls made of stone.



R162 .
Windows 7

my workers got stuck in an unfinished house ( they where going to sleep in the beds in the house while it was getting build )
They started starving to death, So I figured I will demolish the house. A worker starts to remove the walls, The workers can escape run to the stockpile and the game does a CTD.

I have a save game if you want.

I can confirm that it crashes when trying to remove a partially completed building. I have been able to remove a building before, so this may not happen for everyone. It does seem to happen consistently in a specific save of mine.

Log file attached. Save file too large to attach…

stonehearth.log (15.7 KB)

Step 1. Design and start construction of a building.
Step 2. Click “Build & Design”, then select the partially complete building.
Step 3. Click “Remove”, and accept the confirmation dialog.
Step 4. Wait a few seconds. Console will fill with errors, and crash occurs shortly thereafter.

stonehearth.log (23.1 KB)


I was in the middle of a game on A6. I dropped a dining hall on the map, went to customize it, but made no changes, hit undo (by mistake) and the game crashed to the desktop.



This sort of behaviour is being talked about here: [r162] Removing a partially built building causes errors and crash


I’m very new to reporting bugs.
So here goes:
I am running alpha 8. I have this same problem. At first I thought it was the cpu running at 100% but sadly it’s a bug.
I can’t even grab a screenshot as I saved the game in mid-deconstruction. So now when I try to run the save file, I get errors coming up on the screen and it crashes to desktop. A quick glance is all I got of the errors and it seems it’s got something to do with the destruction of a half made building.
This building was a template but I had noticed it on another building I constructed myself. Although didn’t crash as badly as the current one, i limped through and got the building removed.
I’m not sure if it’s because the template building was almost finished before I started to demolish it or whether it’s a general bug.
Is there a work around for this other than the obvious of making sure I’m satisfied with the building before I build it?
Thank you in advance!