Quick Save/Load error or unpolish feature


  • No Quick Save file under Saved Game List if Quick Save has been pressed (F6) unless Quick Load (F7) has been done then checking the save list again. (You won’t see this in screenshots unless you try it in game)
  • Once Quick Save has been loaded through Quick Load, Quick Save file has no descriptions (See screenshot)
  • (Not Tested) Can’t quick save/quick load if game is pause (1)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Quick Save a game
  2. Check save games
  3. Quick Load the game
  4. Check save games again
  5. ???
  6. Profit

Expected Results: Quick Save file on the list (#2) with description (#4)

Actual Results: Missing Quick Save file before Quick Load (#2), Quick Save file has no description (#4) after Quick Load

Notes: Will Quick Save still work after exiting the game (but not the main menu) then starting another game and pressing Quick Load? If yes, will it load the previous game? If no, will the quick save file gets deleted or clutter the save game folder?


Version Number and Mods in use: A22.5 w/ mods

System Information: Potato that can only run 20 hearthlings MAX


Thanks for the report. This is fixed for A23!

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Woah! This is an exceptionally outlined bug report, much respect man, and thanks for posting it. :grin: :+1:

You’re doing people like me a favor, I encountered the saving bug but I thought I was just using it wrong lol!

For clarifying, Quick Save/Load were initially debug functions attached to a hotkey, so not really features part of the game, even if now they’re available by default and listed in the Controls menu.

So about this:

Quick Save/Load only has one slot, and gets overwritten every time you quick save. The savefile is in the saved_games folder, so you can access it in the savefile list (though it won’t appear for “Continue” in the main menu, and it will appear at the bottom of the savefiles list).

It never had a description to begin with (crushinator has the same system). It is meant to be a quick dirty way of save/loading for debugging and testing things.

What Max has fixed is the quick save not appearing in the list until you loaded it, and also now we’ll be able to paste savefiles in the folder that will be displayed in the savefiles list without having to restart the game (which is useful for testing). The savefile still doesn’t have description.

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