Quick question on new game villagers


Is it possible to modify the starting group in Stonehearth? I mean subtracting or adding villagers in the starting group?
I can find the stats for them but not how many start the game.


yes, @Froggy provides more starting units in his Why So Blue mod… you might want to download it and take a look to see where he handles the logic (looking in the thread now to see if he mentions the changes)…


It’s very easy, but unfortunately I’m on work… no Stonehearth here :smiley:
But you should just load Froggys mod and take a look in sie Server-Files. There should be a file called “new_game_handler” or something like that and as far as I remember there is the solution…

Edit: grmml @SteveAdamo

Edit 2: Okay, it’s the “new_game_call_handler” from the “call_handlers” folder.
Not too bad :smiley:


If you change the new_game_call_handler you will have to mod in an override for it. Unless you edit the stonehearth.smod directly

Look for the command:

local worker1=place_citizen_embark(camp_x-3,camp_z-3)

I think it should run to local worker=5 off the top of my head.

and just add more

for example

local worker9=place_citizen_embark(camp_x-6,camp_z-6)